Policy on Dorr Twp. Board paying the bills gets revisited

Dorr Township Trustee Terri Rios Thursday night brought up an issue about paying the bills that colleague John Tuinstra brought up four years ago.

Rios, who began serving on the Township Board last December, asked fellow members why they were approving payment of bills that already had been paid. She suggested bills not be paid without official board approval.

Supervisor Jeff Miling answered, “When a window breaks, I can’t wait to pay for the repair, I need it done immediately.”

Rios responded, “I’m just flabbergasted that we are approving something that was paid for a month ago.”

Miling said, “Some, but not all vendors understand our situation, but the township does have a policy that permits this.”

Treasurer Jim Martin said, “Sometimes you have to pay a bill in a timely manner, and there are recurring bills.”

Tuinstra told Rios that she is free to try to change the current policy.

“You can get that policy out and see what changes you want to make.”

Nonetheless, the bills for the month were paid on a 6-1 vote.

In other business Thursday evening, the Township Board:

  • Approved a 10-year franchise contract for videos and cable television with Comcast, but insisted on a 5% return rather than the 3% offered by the company, which has only 15 to 20 customers in the township. Officials said Charter, which serves the vast majority of Dorr customers, has agreed to 5 percent, which amounts to about $11,000 per quarter.
  • Approved a one-year contract with Municode for $200 for assisting Internet users with searches for information about local ordinances. It is regarded as a cleaner and faster way for people to find what they want to learn.

The first five months of the service will be free.

  • Received a report from representatives of the Allegan County Conservation District that Dorr has absorbed a 64% reduction in wetlands since development was started many years ago.

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