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Not news when planes take off, land safely, it’s when they crash

Local woman and former journalist Char Weick saw results of the single plane crash near Plainwell this morning near the U.S.-131 expressway. She penned on Facebook, “Holy moly! Just got stuck in a major traffic jam on U.S.-131, heading towards GR. Freekin AIRPLANE crashed in the ditch at the side of the freeway! Need to check the news to see what happened. Yikes! Hope the pilot is ok! There were all kinds of emergency vehicles at the scene.”

Channel 8 News reported the crash happened at the west edge of the airport near mile marker 50, north of the 106th Avenue exit in Gun Plain Township around 1 p.m. and involved a Cessna 177A. The pilot injured his nose in the crash, which happened after he overshot the runway,

(Photo courtesy of Charlotte Weick)

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