2015 WHS grad Cody Lichtig dies from rare form of cancer

Cody James Lichtig, 21, a 2015 graduate of Wayland High School, died Tuesday, May 23, of a rare form of cancer at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

Cody complained of a pain in his left leg a year ago and after several months of doctors appointments and testing, he was diagnosed with a very rare strain of cancer known as Ewing’s Sarcoma. To make matters worse, he had the rarest strain of Ewing’s as well.

After researching cancer hospitals, Cody decided to relocate to Texas and receive treatments at the nation’s number one cancer center, M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital, where his father was residing. Cody underwent aggressive chemo and, when his cancer wouldn’t slow, decided to have the majority of the cancer removed by having his left leg amputated just above the knee.

Unfortunately, while healing from the surgery, the cancer had spread to his lungs.

Cody never complained, felt sorry for himself or gave up at any point during his battle. He was a warrior to the very end.

Cody had a special love for cats, Anime, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, gaming, the ocean, marine life and pizza. He was smart, witty, funny, big hearted and compassionate.

Cody was born to Patience Brecht and Bryce Lichtig on July 2, 1995, in Grand Rapids. After graduating from Wayland, he was attending Lake Michigan University with a dream of becoming a forensic scientist.

Cody was preceded in death by his mother, Patience Brecht, his grandfather Jan Lichtig, his grandmother, Katherine Lichtig, his Aunt Tina O’Brien and his cousins, Lucy and Grady McLeod.

Cody stated he wanted his body to be donated to help find a cure for this strain of cancer so others wouldn’t share his same fate. Therefore, there will not be a funeral service. Instead, he will have a memorial service for a date yet to be determined.

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