Army Bob: The left will blame Trump for all deaths in U.S.

Sadly, every day in the United States of America nearly 7,000 people pass away. Every one of the deaths will be blamed on President Donald Trump, after the new health care bill passes.

If a person is struck by lightning and killed, our friends in the mass media will blame President Trump; if a child tragically is diagnosed with cancer, President Trump’s fault. Anyone falls ill for any reason, and the unhinged left, with no one questioning their irrational concepts, will blame the President.

Darn near all of the media hate President Trump and are chomping at the bit to blame him for the 7,000 deaths per day in our nation. Ranger Rick’s column on media bias proved that. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is nicknamed “Obama Care.” Our friends in the media will not find fault with this law, as it carries the name of their beloved President. Enter “Trump Care” and the flood gates will open and every death or ill child will be blamed on the new law and the President.

A clear example of the media being deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to hate for President Trump is Mr. Steven Colbert’s truly vulgar comments concerning Presidents Putin and Trump. Mr. Colbert’s rant was on tape, not live, and the network brass approved it. If the same gutter level statement was made of President Obama (an unthinkable concept), CBS would have been burned down and the leadership lynched. Local stations would have been attacked and advertisers boycotted. All arranged by the media/academic/political liberal cabal.

The American left and media are blind with rage; the American people in the majority of the states did not do as told and vote for Secretary Clinton. Just who do the people think they are, not doing as they were told? The elite Democrats and media are like a lover scorned, and hell has no fury like a lover scorned. They are in denial that the majority of folks in the majority of states dare think for themselves.

The power of the old media dinosaurs has waned; the power of the king makers has shifted to “alternate media” and those who feel they have been ordained by God to lead us; the mainstream media are beside themselves with rage. It is not that they are wrong, that could never be, it is that you and I are stupid.

Trump care may just be better; time has passed and the Obama care law served as a bad example in some ways, a good example in others. Obama care was our first cut at national health care at this level; the folks in Washington should have learned from the good and bad of the ACA and hopefully crafted a better law. However, even if a better plan is developed the media/left will never admit it.

The long-term outcome of the fight over health care will be Senator Bernie Sanders’ plan for a “Medicare for all” system. The fight will be long but over the next six years we will have a large, flawed, very expensive system of national health care along the lines of Medicare. It will not be a single payer system, so the hard core of the media/left will hate it, but it just may work to a minimally acceptable level. The infrastructure is in place and working, not working very well, but for a government program it is working to an acceptable level.

President Trump will be blamed for more deaths than the Bubonic Plague, AIDS and Ebola, and that will be in the first month. I, for one, am glad the Health Care Act is being slow walked and time is being taken to do it correctly and not fast.

If you support President Trump’s budget and health care reforms you want to murder children, minorities, the poor, women and the elderly. This is getting old very fast; year in and year out the same song is played. The Americans who are not a member of the above groups want to murder all the rest. Got to wonder just how that works.

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  • Who or what is “The Left”? Those who dare to challenge the “common sense” solutions people like Fred Upton at the Federal level and state senators O’Brien and Schuitmaker foist on the public by shifting public funds to private entities claiming efficiencies the public sector can’t touch. Then you see the % the VA spends on overhead compared to the vaunted private sector. Same goes with privatizing state jobs like prison food service or the state Veterans Home.

    The Left is code for less than Americans . I’m a Viet Nam era vet north of 60 and folks are kidding themselves if they think the wholesale repeal of the ACA with a promised fix sometime later should go on with those left without coverage are simly casualties.

    Sorry, stuff happens doesn’t cut it when you are talking about 100’s of 1000’s facing death and /or financial ruin while politicians keep grandstanding trying to see who can cut spending more and faster.

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