Watson Twp. gets 3rd request for marijuana dispensary

Watson Township appears to be the most popular choice for proposals for medical marijuana dispensaries.

The Township Board was presented with a request from Shawn Gary of Third Coast Horticulture, LLC, of Watson. represented by Robert Hendriks. The board tabled the proposal and has declined thus far to craft an ordinance to permit dispensaries in the township.

The board was first approached last December by Eric Pierce of Hopkins Township, in partnership in the Circle G Corp. with James Graczyk of Hopkins Township and Matt VanVolkinburg of Martin. The board then voted 3-2 not to pursue an ordinance. Trustees Chuck Andrysiak and Michelle Harris and Clerk Kelli Morris were in the majority and Supervisor Kevin Travis and Treasurer Sue Jones dissented.

Shortly afterward, attorney Brent Johnson, speaking on behalf of caregiver Thomas Bergman of Martin, approached the board several months ago about adopting an ordinance.

The board balked at the idea because of a wish not to be the first in the experiment as a result of the new state legislation passed last fall and the substance still is not legal in the eyes of the federal government.

Johnson said there are 2,135 registered marijuana patients in Allegan County and 435 caregivers and suggested there is a high probability some live in Watson Township. He also suggested the use of marijuana will increase, not decline in the coming years.

Entrepreneurs also have approached Wayland, Leighton and Dorr townships, as well as the City of Wayland about the possibility of establishing an ordinance, which under the new law would be permissible with approval from the local municipality.

In other business at Watson’s meeting Thursday, the Township Board:

  • Accepted the gravel bid from R. Smith & Sons at 23.20/cu yard for a $20,880 total.
  • Adopted a “mother-in-law” ordinance that permits a second residence of a property in which a family member, usually elderly, is permitted to have a mobile home or similar lodgings on a temporary basis. Ordinance approval was recommended earlier by the Planning Commission.


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