Army Bob: What’s the best way to crush the 3rd Jihad?

OK, folks, time to wake up and smell the cordite!

The good folks in the media keep telling us that the Islamic religion is a peaceful religion and most Muslims are aghast by the attacks in England, the murder of children at a concert, the murder of people out for a walk over London Bridge. The truth is that the majority of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims, over 85% per an Aljazeera survey, approve of murdering infidels.

Are all Muslims terrorists, no! But most support terrorists. The murders of children in Manchester are rock stars in the majority of the Islamic world, along with the three who ran down innocent people with a truck and knifed folks on the London Bridge.

Now let me be crystal clear: Muslims living in the United States do not support terrorists to an extent anywhere near 85%, not even close.

History has proven time and time again that the only way to defeat the third Jihad is the same way the west beat the first two. Dancing around and toasting s’mores with jihadists will only make them hate us all the more. The first two jihads were crushed, the second jihad mostly by the French, Spanish and Polish armies; not defeated, but crushed. Modern political correctness will tell us we must be proportional in response to terrorists; no, we must unleash our own terror in the same way we did on Germany and Japan. World War II ended when the Allies took the war to the doorsteps of the enemy population who supported the military.

As long as 1.36 billion Muslims approve of the actions of the terrorists, they will not stop. As long as the murders of innocent children are canonized as heroes of Allah, it will not stop. As long as the leaders of the second largest religion in the world keep preaching the glory of Jihad, it will not stop. As long as we continue to allow safe havens for a Caliphate, it will not stop.

The politically correct crowd are just old fashioned pissed off; President Trump wants to work with President Putin to destroy ISIS/ISIL/DASH. OK, the Russians are evil, so what? Together, we could open an offensive against the heroes of the third Jihad and crush them into bone meal; destroy them, not talk to them, kill them in large numbers. The Russians understand the way to win; it would not be pretty, but it would make the Jihadists reassess their policy of attacking the western world for the last 52 plus years the third Jihad has been ongoing.

“This piece of sh**– is not just an embarrassment to America and a stain on the presidency. He’s an embarrassment to humankind.” Reza Aslan, CNN host commenting on President Trump wanting to ban 9% of the world’s Muslims from the United States because they cannot be fully vetted. Got to love civil discourse left wing style; the way to defeat the terrorists is to bring them to our hometowns?

So, what is so horribly wrong with our government, the American Government putting Americans first? Be darned if I know.







  • Another “patriotic American” who favors Putin style solutions to crush Islamic militants while admitting “it won’t be pretty”. Have Putin’s “solutions” stopped attacks in Russia?

    The one thing the leaders of the militants, the Iranian ayotollahs, President Assad of Syria and even Sudanese pirates have in common is they all keep their money in safe offshore established banks and invest in real estate in countries with stable governments.

    Save some of the money for military expansion and bleed them dry financially. Follow the money. Unless of course that money is in places that will embrarass the US and our allies

  • R, Davenport,
    Thank you for the comment.
    Russia has 3.6 to 8.1 times the Muslims the United States has, not a large number of attacks by radical Muslims in Russia.
    ” Have Putin’s “solutions” stopped attacks in Russia?” When was the last time you read about an attack in the Russian Federation?
    The point you made concerning drying up the funds for Jihad is a good one. President Obama dissolved the FBI team that “followed the money”. President Trump put the team back in place. At a recent meeting with 50 Muslims nations, the President told them to stop funding terrorism or face the consequences.
    Thank you kindly for calling me another “patriotic American.” I am sure you did not mean it as a compliment but it is a title I take pride in.
    Thanks again for the comment.

    • This point about Putin reminds me of Alabama Gov. George Wallace telling an interviewer in 1968 that the South didn’t have any race race riots like the North did. “Here we consider it a local problem, and we take care of it ourselves,” he said.

      • I get your smug point about the South, which is the liberal dog to beat every time the subject of race or religion comes up, but the north and other parts of the U.S. had large race riots (California, New Jersey, Boston (remember the busing decision?), Detroit – to name a few). When anything in the South happens, it is highlighted as cretins in the South in the news – hillbilly knuckle-draggers. Evidently, you haven’t been in the South in some time.
        Jim Crow is long gone and more of the South is more enlightened and welcoming than many places in the North.

      • Mr. Young,
        Thanks for the comment.
        Never could figure when you folks from the 1960/70s-socialist movement took to hating the Russians? You folks loved the Russians. Could it be socialism failed in the USSR so you now dislike them? Socialism has always failed, always, however you folks keep calling for it?
        Oh, George Wallace was a Democrat as were the leaders in the Jim Crow South thank for the reminder.
        Thank you kindly once again for the comment.

  • Vertical blinds are exponentially more deadly to Americans than Islamic terrorism. (Seriously. Look it up.) Derangement? Derangement is fearfully fear-mongering over a non-existent threat to the point that large swaths of uneducated Americans are willing to support severely crippling funding for education, science research, the arts, and environmental protection in order to redistribute our money for those necessities to an already overbloated, wasteful, and often immoral military. Derangement is white trash America’s increasing proclivity for xenophobically scapegoating our more pigmented neighbors instead of acknowledging the real diseases behind our symptoms.

    But to point out that Southerners (today’s trumpees) were called Democrats before flipping parties in retribution toward the Civil Rights movement? Claiming American liberals are Soviet lovers? That’s more than just disingenuous, it’s altogether discrediting and frankly should be embarrassing for yourself, Army Bob. You can do better.

  • Mr. Gless,
    Thank you for the comment.
    “Derangement is white trash America’s increasing proclivity for xenophobically scapegoating our more pigmented neighbors instead of acknowledging the real diseases behind our symptoms”. Mr. Gless you, sir can do better. White Trash are whom? Folks who disagree with you? Not very open minded.
    The 1960/70s liberal left had a mantra ” better red than dead”.
    Thanks again.

    • Well, a lot has changed in fifty years, and instead of implying a strawman here, let’s take it explicitly: If you’ve got an increasing proclivity for xenophobically scapegoating our more pigmented neighbors instead of acknowledging the real diseases behind our symptoms, you might be white trash.

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