The Subterranean: Wonder Woman, the love conquers all version

Diana: So many will die…

General: That’s what soldiers do.

by Walter G. Tarrow

On Themyscira, an island hidden from mankind, the Amazons, a race of warrior women, perpetually and bloodlessly train for battle. As their only child, Diana is kept from the “games” by her overly protective mother, but ultimately Diana discovers her true powers and learns of her destiny.

When man thrusts World War I, the Great War, the war to end all wars, onto the beaches of her feminine paradise, armed with her shield, sword, lasso of truth (something the US Senate might want to get its hands on) and those really awesome impenetrable bracelets, Diana leaves the playground of her creation to destroy Ares, the god of war, the cause of it all.

Gal Gadot, an Israeli Jewish actress, is physical perfection in the role of the warrior princess. Along with her obvious strength and agility, the richness of her voice adds an exotic element to this superhero of a world apart from mankind. 

Add Chris Pine, at his most Prince Charmingest, as the American spy, Steve Trevor, who is doggedly determined, against the wishes of the British bureaucrats who seek an armistice, to stop the most heinous evil, a German general, from delivering his horrific poison gas upon them all in London Town. And he is continuously, annoyingly, but oh so sweetly, interrupting Diana’s mission to exterminate the disease of war, Ares, once and for all time.

The centerpiece scene of Diana charging the German line through No Man’s Land impressively conveys a woman of absolute power, invincible and unstoppable. The staging, the effects, are pure superhero movie heaven. As is the boss battle at the end, with the effects amped to the max, as it should be when you battle a god.

And throughout it all, scrambling behind her, out of the filth and stench of the trenches, recovering from the onslaught of the god of war, are the men who are completely dependent on this Amazon for their safety. Nonetheless, the one flaw in Diana’s femdom is, underneath it all, she couldn’t have really done it without the love of a man.

Men will always struggle through one messy war after another. Women clean up men’s messes because, you know, love.

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