Ranger Rick: Planned Parenthood a huge part of the ‘rotting’

Planned Parenthood – just the name seems to conjure up a Mom, Dad and children, being the family “planners” modern couples seem to think they are trying to practice — sounds like an innocuous title. But if you dig deeper and investigate the origins and purpose of the organization, it has a horrendous history.

Margaret Sanger was the founder of “Planned Parenthood,” a person Hillary Clinton says she greatly admires, was an avowed racist and eugenist. Ms. Sanger mainly targeted her wrath on African Americans, as “subhumans” to be controlled through population control, either by sterilization or abortion. And that is who Hillary Clinton admires? Sick.

When asked what “Planned Parenthood” clinics provide, most people respond mammograms, pre-natal health and birth control. That is a common misconception because the way we think a title like Planned Parenthood would encompass those procedures and consultations. They provide neither mammograms or pre-natal health care.

What they do provide is birth control and abortions, period. If that is your desire and need, you have your provider. And do you believe there is no evil in the world – Planned Parenthood is a stain upon our country, in some ways close to another evil – slavery.

Recently, someone said about the upcoming school millage they were supporting it, because they (students) will be paying for their retirements in old age in the future. Imagine how many more people we would have had across the country if they hadn’t been aborted, contributing tax revenue for education and social security? Almost 60 million innocent babies have been aborted since 1973.

When a young woman is faced with pregnancy, whether planned or unplanned, hopefully she has support from her partner in committing to that baby being born. If not, abortion is always an option, a poor option (the baby is nothing but innocent life), but an option. Yes, it would be better if the couple would choose life, either to support and raise the baby or use an adoption option. But all too often, abortion is the chosen and life-long guilt option, knowing that the procedure is the killing of an innocent life.

A young lady I knew in high school went to college, in her second semester, discovered she was pregnant and her boyfriend wanted her to get an abortion. She wouldn’t, didn’t, and had the little girl. She had no support and did the wise and unselfish act, she put the baby up for adoption. She later told me she cried for days, although knowing she did the right thing. I told her I admired her for her decision of life. She agreed she felt then and feels now she made the right and moral decision.

A friend of mine was involved with a young woman who became pregnant after abortion was legal. Contemplating their next steps, they both considered abortion. They later decided not to abort and married – they were blessed with a healthy little boy and had three more in years following. Now they’ve been married for 35 years and are grandparents. Their wonderful family is health and growing. Both have good jobs and earn enough to live a middle-class lifestyle – not rich, but comfortable.

He penned this after the birth of his son and sent it to me:

“If you believe your future is dependent on short term answers, the quick way of getting out of a situation, to eliminate your shortcomings and fears, think again. Abortion is never the answer to thinking your life will be better because of it. It will confound and compound your guilt and soul – it will become the overbearing thing in your life – you will always remember the harder you try to forget. It will eat at you until you die, and hopefully, if you ask and can gain forgiveness in God’s mercy; or be contrite and belligerent and gain the Devil’s Hell. Your short-term actions have long term consequences. And this will affect both parents of the soul you have destroyed. I know I made the right choice, with God’s help. I didn’t understand the enormity of our decision at the time, but when I look at my son, I certainly do now.”

He and his girlfriend (later wife) made the decision after he experienced the aftermath of his older sister’s abortion. She then turned to alcohol and drugs and left Michigan for Florida, thinking a new place would help her heal. She was found dead in her apartment a few years later from a drug overdose. He was deeply affected by her sudden and senseless death.

I notice that most people that are the most rabid in their defense of abortion are also in opposition for the death penalty of felons that committed the most atrocious acts of violence and killing. The act of killing the most innocent of innocents through abortion and defending the most evil among us is strange and foreign to me – a thought process devoid of reasoning. You’ll kill the unborn innocent life but not the convicted felon?

You ever notice the most rabid, protesting, epithet yelling, spittle flinging abortion supporters have already been born? Yet they wish to end innocent life. Maybe they need to get a grip on reality and get a life other than being professional protesters.

The rotting of America from within continues…



  • Planned Parenthood does provide abortion service. It is about 3% of the what they do. My local pharmacy, and the pharmacy I used before, and maybe your pharmacy, provide the Plan B pill. Plan B is one of the methods at Planned Parenthood. Most of what Planned Parenthood does is prevent unwanted pregnancies. Conception control is more effective in reducing abortions than dogma (which has been shown to alter attitudes, but not behaviors). The abortion rates in the Bible Belt, compared to that of the Northeast, should be instructive in this area.
    Some suggested reading includes The Cider House Rules, by John Irving, and An American Book of Martyrs, by Joyce Carol Oates.

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