Martin Twp. adopts $800,000 budget for fiscal year 2017-18

The Martin Township Board Wednesday night adopted a budget of more than $800,000 after holding a truth in taxation hearing.

The board chose to levy the maximum amount of 0.8625 mill for operations, four mills for roads and 0.996 mill for fire services. because of the action, the township picked up just under $4,000 in total tax revenue, including $2,682 for roads, 582 for general operations and $671 for fire.

The Headlee Amendment approved by voters in 1978 specifies that any time the same millage rate brings in more revenue than before, the municipality must have a truth in taxation hearing in order to be able to levy that full amount.

The Township Board adopted a budget for fiscal year 2017-18 that will feature $819,912 in revenue, 797,186 in expenses and a fund balance of $81,512.

The board got some unexpected good news while deliberating on the budget that a larger than anticipated sum from the county delinquent tax fund was received. Board members decided to have it used to pave the parking lot at the JC Wheeler Library across the street. Officials reported the grading and paving will be done June 27 and 28.

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