Hate-filled rhetoric fuels troubling incidents like shooting

To the editor:

A person shot up a baseball practice in the Washington D.C. area; not surprising, the target was a team made up of Republican members of the House of Representatives.

The criminal who attacked a team of ball players chose the Republicans because the good folks in the media have painted each and every one of us as racists, sexists, homophobes, Fascists, Nazis. The media has said we want to see all minority folks, children, elderly, women and the poor dead. That is a strong statement, but a true statement.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called 50% of all Republicans a basket full of deplorables and unredeemables. After the election, the hate got going in full force, primarily aimed at President Trump, but using a very wide brush to paint all of us who are Republicans. The Trump Derangement Syndrome is not just a title it is true, an overpowering disdain for others who believe differently from them.

“The Republican Party has become the most dangerous organization in world history.” — Mr. Noam Chomsky.  That is a quote I used in a column two months ago to point out the dangerous language being used by the unhinged folks on the left. To kill folks, a person first needs to build up a hate, a disdain, a revulsion, before they can murder. If you were given a dollar for every time since the election that the liberal open-minded left called Republicans Nazis/Fascists/Racists/Bigots/Islamophobic and a dozen other dehumanizing names, you would be a rich person.

In that column, I warned that the over-the-top language would be dangerous. Many of the liberal writers for this publication condemned my generalizations as something akin to paranoia. The progressives have teed up the ball for the hate-filled to hit it down range, and one uber-liberal “feel the burn” person did.

“The President and Republicans are in collusion with the Russians to destroy our nation;” that is industrially strength stupid. Only a truly hate-filled person would believe that, but it has been repeated so many times many folks do actually believe it.

Watch: the media will paint this as a gun control issue; the governor of Virginia already has. The media will not blame themselves for incendiary and over-the-top rhetoric, even though they are guilty as sin. The mass mainstream media will close ranks and find others to blame, and you can take it to the bank that President Trump will be among those blamed.

I am not very intelligent, I am a Republican after all, but I believe we cannot continue to publish this hate week after week and not expect consequences. Calling anyone who you disagree with the hate-filled names used in this very publication needs to stop.

To my friends on the left: the Nazis and Fascists were Socialists with single payer health care, please remember that.

Robert M. Traxler, Dorr Township  



  • Trump’s hateful rhetoric has set the tone. “Lyin’ Ted”. “Crooked Hillary”. But that doesn’t make it right.

  • If you will notice, the corporate mainstream media has focused primarily on the shooter’s alleged political leanings, rather than his emotional or mental state. Also, even Rand Paul was quoted as saying the shooter approached Congressmen with his AR-15 slung over his shoulder, asking questions before he started shooting. Shouldn’t one wonder why the Capitol Police didn’t do anything about him at that point?
    In other words, to me, there is something divisively suspicious about this. To me, anything coming from the corporate media that tells us one political “party” is worse than the other is intended to divide us as Americans. We need to stop putting party over country, and instead focus our efforts on what is best for all Americans.
    As Abraham Lincoln said so long ago, “A house divided cannot stand.”

    • Mr. Basura,
      Thank you for the comment. “Lyin’ Ted”. “Crooked Hillary” VS. NAZI/Fascist/Racist? You decide which dehumanizes folks. We killed Nazis and Fascists in the millions, we dehumanized them and killed 50,000 in one night at Dresden.
      For people to murder people we need to not think of them as people but the enemy.
      Thank you for the comment.

      • Statistic heard today listening to NPR in the car. It was a discussion of political violence.
        The statistic: 2% of political violence is committed by the left, or liberals
        while 74% is committed by the right.

          • Mr. Boydston,
            Thank you for the comment.
            NPR was at least attempting to be fair, before President Trump.

          • Mr. Traxler,

            Robert, thank you!
            I must say, you’re a more forbearing soul than I; I haven’t trusted NPR for years, ever since they went corporate. There have been a lot of instances where I, knowing the facts of a certain matter, could hear the spin the commentators on NPR were putting on an issue. But, they’ve definitely ramped up the rhetoric ever since Trump was elected.

        • Mr. Young,
          Thank you for the comment.
          Went to the NPR site and to Google, spent three hours searching for that number 74%, I can not find it. To say the right commits political violence at 37 times the rate of the left appears a good bit hard to accept.
          Could you please give me more to go on so I can find the number?
          Thank you for the comment and thank you in advance for your help in running down the statistic NPR used.
          It maybe someone on NPR said it but NPR is trying to forget a truly unbelievable statement.

          • Sorry, Bob. I sometimes only report what I see and hear. But I just couldn’t wrap my head around your contention that the left is the ringleader of the hate-spewing garbage when our President imitates a handicapped reporter, tells his supporters he’ll help them with bail if they smack a lefty at the rallies, was caught saying “grab ’em by the pussy” and fraternizes with Ted Nugent who threatened Obama by telling him to suck on the end of his gun barrel and suggested Hillary meet her maker. Throw in the angry white guys who shot up a black church and elementary schools and high schools and I get suspicious. I’d rather believe it’s both sides that are causing trouble.

  • Mr. David Young,
    Thank you once again for the comment.
    The point of the letter is the hate and name calling in the last two months. You are blaming President Trump for actions that occurred years before he was president, or even running for President? Be fair, please. It is called hate pure and simple, calling folks like me Nazis and Fascists only invites the same hate we had for the Nazis in WWII. The point is that the good folks on the radical left are whipping themselves into a dangerous state and dehumanizing the folks on the conservative side, to the point of justifying violence. Do you wish me to list the comments from the liberal sites since the crime, canoninizing the shooter?
    Please ponder for a second what you would be saying if the shooter was a Conservative and not a Sanders guy, who shot up a Democratic ball team, with the language used to dehumanize liberals?
    Thank you kindly for the comment.

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