Army Bob: Trump was right to pull out of Paris Accords

by Robert M. Traxler

President Donald Trump took us out of the Paris Climate Accord; the folks in the “anti-everything our President does” crowd are harping and carping overtime. We will all die because of our removal and the world will end.

“Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me,” should be the rule; however, the global warming rule is, please keep on fooling every American.

On 13 December 2008, former Vice President Al Gore made a statement that “The entire North Polar ice cap may well be completely gone in five years.” Arguably the ice cap has grown since the prediction in 2008, and it has certainly not disappeared as predicted. Not a problem, the climate industry has raised a train load of money from that statement, so now we move on to more predictions of the end of life as we know it, unless we fund the global warming industry with tens of billions. And Al Gore maintains with a straight face that he has no carbon footprint, because he pays the extortion of carbon “offsets.”

The Paris Climate Accords were not a treaty; our Constitution requires the United States Senate to ratify a treaty, and they would have rejected the Paris Climate Accord, so President Barack Obama never submitted it for the constitutionally required two-thirds vote. Not a problem for some in the media, they are referring to it as a treaty, and saying President Trump broke the word of the American people; not true on both counts.

Let’s say President Trump did not remove us from the non-treaty treaty. The good folks in the media would be harping and carping about how the President violated his word, his promise to remove us from the Accord. His not removing us would have pointed to his inability to keep his word to you and me and proves he is a maniacal liar.

In dealing with the media, the rule for President Trump is heads the media wins, tails the President loses.

The environmental movement is a religion, no doubt in my mind, and that is fine; we have freedom of religion in our nation and the environmental folks have the right to practice their religion. We all have ancestors who worshiped nature as a deity in the years before the monotheistic religions were founded, so if folks want to worship at the altar of the earth gods, good for them.

The Paris Accords require the “developed countries to pay “underdeveloped” countries billions annually on top of the 500 million we pay the United Nations Green Climate Fund.  Add in the 10 billion we spend on green energy subsidies annually in the United States and it all adds up to real money. The annual cost to each and every American was going to be in excess of $312.50.

Please remember President Obama saying his stimulus package was going to jump start the green energy industry; all the industry needed was a jump start and it would revolutionize our economy. Trillions spent, and the economy has not changed, but lots of liberal folks got a heck of a nice payday, mostly in higher education, who donate it back to the liberals.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, President Trump walking away from the Paris Accords is racist, sexist and homophobic. Got to wonder how that works. It is hard to believe how everything said or done the left doesn’t agree with is racist, sexist and homophobic. Why does the left use those terms? Because it works for the left; disagreement is almost always assaulted. Hopefully sooner rather than later, folks will wake up to the fact 49% of the people in our country are not truly evil. On second thought no, preaching hate and victimization works for the left.

The Socialist Democrats are not going to sheath their verbal daggers until we all adopt politically correct group think. The Socialists will not stop the attacks until they win or the majority become fed up with all the irrational hatred.

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