Bob Wagner back as chairman of Dorr Plan Commission

Bob Wagner was appointed to another three-year term on the Dorr Township Planning Commission Thursday night in a special meeting.

Wagner, who has been chairman of the commission since 1975 and a member since 1968, was chosen on a 4-3 vote of the Township Board. Voting in the affirmative were Supervisor Jeff Miling, Treasurer Jim Martin and Trustees Dan Weber and Josh Otto. Dissenting were Clerk Debbie Sewers and Trustees John Tuinstra and Terri Rios.

The Township Board was deadlocked 3-3 at the regular June 29 meeting when the vote came up for reappointment, forcing the special meeting. Otto was absent from the regular board meeting, but he cast the deciding vote.

Tuinstra earlier said he wanted to give somebody else a chance to serve on the Planning Commission and Rios reported she doesn’t like the way Wagner runs Planning Commission meetings as chairman.

However, inside sources have indicated Rios, Tuinstra and Sewers all are doing the bidding of former Trustee Patty Senneker and failed recall leader Bernie Schumaker in a political attempt to get rid of current public servants such as Wagner and Zoning Board of Appeals Member Ethel Visser.

The Dorr Township Planning Commission will have its next meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 20. Because of Thursday night’s vote, Wagner will be in the chairman’s seat again.

PHOTO: Bob Wagner


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