Dorr Plan Commission OKs Sennekers’ private road

The Dorr Township Planning Commission Tuesday night approved a special use permit request from Robert and Patricia Senneker so they can have a private road built on their property at 4341 Tracy Trail, zoned residential.

Robert Senneker told commissioners he wants the private road because if he should sell a portion of the land, the driveway, which has existed there for a long time, he and his wife, a former Township Board trustee, would no longer be able to use.

The private gravel road parallels the airplane runway Senneker has at the site.

Lori Castello of Professional Code Inspections (PCI) told Robert he still would need a stop sign at the end of the drive and the private road must be named. It will be called “Tracy Trail Court.”

The commission is insisting evidence of a survey be submitted as well.

Commissioner Larry Dolegowski said to the Sennekers, “You’ve had that driveway there for a long time. I consider this to be an improvement.”

PHOTO: Robert and Patty Senneker look over the site plan of private road they had approved by the Planning Commission.

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