Dorr Township Board hears complaints about cemeteries

by Robert M. Traxler

Discussion and debate about cemetery rules and regulations dominated the Dorr Township Board‘s monthly meeting Thursday evening.

Some residents have reported they are unhappy with the cemetery rules and the manner in which maintenance has been conducted.

Township Supervisor Jeff Miling stated that the aggressive cleanup that involved removal of shrubs, trees and dead flowers was overdue because foliage covered many tombstones. Miling insisted that maintenance could not be accomplished with the random placement of trees and shrubs.

Dan Young spoke at length, for more than 20 minutes, presenting a long list of complaints he has with the Dorr Cemetery. He asked each board member individually if he or she had a plot in the cemetery and asked which one of them had inspected the facility.

Young also had three other family members speak to the board about the issue.

Miling reported that Young had visited the township hall offices and was so unruly that police had to be called to have him removed from the premises.



  • I for a period of time worked for the township as their grounds maintenance person. So I believe what I’m about to say has some merit. Were the cemeteries hard and labor intensive ..the answer is Yes. Should this ordinance been do strict… NO.
    This board has a much different approach than past boards. In the case of cemetery maintenance, there is a lack of concern or respect for the way some grieve the passing of a friend or loved one.
    This board seems to be moving in the direction of trying to establish a cemetery based on the cost of maintaining it. They fail to realize cemeteries are a never ending expense. The person buys a plot and this is maintained ’til the end of time.
    If, as seems to be the case, “the devil with the survivors’ feelings,” than you get what you are getting now.
    It’s not always about money, time, etc. in a township, village or city. A drive through their places of interment speaks words as to how they feel about their residents.

  • The article has untrue statements. Dan did not have three family members speak. He didn’t ask anyone to speak. I, Eric Young, spoke when Supervisor Jeff Miling began to get very cocky with Dan. Jeff was out of line speaking like he was. There were only two family members of Dans who spoke, not three, and it was our choices.
    Also, Dan was not removed from the office by the police.Another untrue statement by Jeff. Jeff wasn’t even at the office when Dan was there. Seems to me if an article is printed with accusations, the editor should check to make sure it’s all true. No one came and got the other side of the story.

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