Expenditures for Dorr Township library repairs delayed

by Robert M. Traxler

The Dorr Township Board Thursday night questioned the proposed expense of roof repair for the Dorr Township Library, insisting the board had not approved it.

Supervisor Jeff Miling explained that it was an insurance payment, so the board will study how to process insurance reimbursement.

It also was reported that three of the four air conditioning units at the library are broken or not operating properly. A bid of $10,566 for the work has received from Godwin Heating and Cooling. The board agreed to solicit at least three more bids.

In other business, the Township Board:

• Voted 6 to 0 to refuse to supply a public water system to Colored Stone Properties, owners of the Sapphire Estates mobile home park at 2375 138th St. in Dorr. Milling said Colored Stone Properties owns all the mobile home parks in the township and Michigan law requires the owner of a Type One public water supply to have the refusal of the township to provide water on file.

• Approved a request from John and Annette Kuperus, 1927 144th St. for a Michigan income tax credit under the Michigan Farm Land and Open Space Act. Benefits under a Farmland Agreement Act of 1994, depending on the tax assessed against the property, and the landowner’s income. The landowner is entitled to claim a Michigan income tax credit equal to the amount of the property taxes on the land and improvements covered by the agreement minus 3.5% of the landowner’s household income.

• Voted 6 to 0 to approve updated Standard Operating Guidelines (SOG) for the Dorr Township Fire Department to add more vehicle operating training and emergency first aid training to the SOG.

• Accepted on a 6-0 vote Assessor Patty Samply’s resignation.

• Agreed to form yet one more committee to study the issue of health and dental benefits for employees. Milling and Trustees Josh Otto and John Tuinstra will serve on the committee.

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