Army Bob: The left is watering down meaning of ‘Nazi’

“Stephen Colbert Gives Trump Nazi Salute Over Charlottesville” — The Daily Beast

The good folks on the left are screwing up by the numbers in cadence. As this column stated more than a month ago, the overuse of the label “Nazi” will in the long run diminish the brutal, ruthless history of the National Socialist movement in the mid 1900s in Germany and at least nine other nations.

President Donald Trump is no Adolph Hitler; the 49 percent of the Americans who voted for him are not Nazis. The election results tell us that 52% of men and 58% of white men voted for President Trump; not surprising, as a theme of Hillary Clinton’s campaign was condemning that demographic for white privilege and male privilege.

An adage I like to quote is that “people like people who like them.” Secretary Clinton ran a campaign that forgot the middle-class male, blue collar worker; she wanted to put union coal miners out of a job. Mrs. Clinton’s supporters disparaged 49 percent of all Americans who are male and 62 percent who are classified as white. President Trump should have been buried in the election, it should have been a landslide for Mrs. Clinton, but most of the folks who vote in most of the states were not “liked” by Secretary Clinton.

President Trump received only 29 percent of the Hispanic vote and 8 percent of the African American vote. As reported, non-minority people gave him the presidency. The good folks in the news and entertainment media can’t believe their instructions on how to vote were not followed by the American people, and they are extraordinarily angry.

Referring to most of us who voted in Dorr, Wayland, Hopkins, Moline and Martin as Nazis only serves to diminish the moniker of Nazi. The American left has a habit of over-hyping those who disagree with them but in this case, it is dangerous. Mainstreaming the term Nazi to include 49 percent of the Americans who voted only serves to aid the National Socialist movement in America.

If folks are called Nazis because we voted for President Trump, perhaps the Nazis are not so bad? If the majority of veterans voted for President Trump are we Nazis? Are the 42 percent of those who voted for President Trump who are women Nazis?  The 29 percent who are Hispanic? The 8 percent who are African American?

The title of racist was the kiss of death in my youth; today the term is hardly noticed and indeed it is being replaced with the term “white nationalist.” The term Nazi is going in the same direction and it is dangerous. Italian Socialist leader Benito Mussolini, the father of fascism, built a governmental system the Nazis and others followed; it is a mixture of Senator Sanders left-wing Socialism and Breitbart right-wing nationalism, toss in freedom of religion (something Socialism normally disallows), one party control and a self-censoring media, and you have a powerful mixture. The result is an all-powerful government accepted by the left and right and completely controlling.

If a self-censoring media seems impossible, merely look to the studies saying President Trump has a 90 percent unfavorable rating in the media. It is not a stretch to see them supporting a National Socialist at 90 percent.

Freedom to control our own lives, ownership of private property along with freedom of speech and assembly are the basis of our Constitution. Are we as a nation on our way to fascism? Will a person step up with whom the left and right agree, a very nationalistic socialist, toss in an economic disaster, and a fascist or Nazi type government is possible.

We all need to read the Constitution and remember why it was written. Fascism and socialism are led by a King or Queen who takes away folks’ freedoms; he or she is just not wearing a crown.










  • If carrying tiki torches, marching to and chanting Blood and Soil (the English translation of the Nazi chant Blut und Boden isn’t worthy of being called a Nazi what are they?

    Politicians who play word games or try to blame both sides then wouldn’t be sympathetic or tolerant of the marches and chants either.

    Why is it always “The Left”? The Left is wrong for not wanting to improve relations with Russia. The Left should keep quiet because Russia under Putin is bombing /killing Syrian civilians but he’s also killing some radical Islamists along the way.

    We are told to stay the course and defeat terrorism. That sounds like someone is channeling the late General Westmoreland and his woefully incorrect assessment of “victory in Viet Nam. (Now we wear Nike sportswear made in Viet Nam)

    If being a member of The Left means not supporting authoritarian leaders and protest when members of the administration try to play fast and loose with facts, while supporting those authoritarian regimes so be it.

    You like that write about freedom. How about following the German socialism model that brought about military pensions and lifetime health care for military retirees? You support 30 days of leave for military along with paid vacations, holiday pay and overtime for hourly civilian jobs? All those things were brought about by The Left.

    Isn’t life ironic.

  • Mr. Couchman,
    Thank you for the Comment, and yes life is ironic.
    I must have missed it when according to your comment 49% of those who voted nationally and more than that in Wayland, Dorr, Hopkins, Molin and Martin were “carrying tiki torches, marching to and chanting Blood and Soil (the English translation of the Nazi chant Blut und Boden isn’t worthy of being called a Nazi what are they?”. To my knowledge President Trump never marched with a tiki torch, and I do not own one and never held one.
    You do not like it but the Russians did destroy a large part of the ISIS/ISIL government, and the black-market oil selling infrastructure that paid for it.
    If Socialism is so great please tell us which Socialist State has lasted as long and been as successful as our Constitutional Democracy?
    Thank you for the comments I enjoy reading them.

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