Army Bob: Old media unraveling after Trump victory

“How Matt Drudge became the pipeline for Russian propaganda” — Media Matters

Quite frankly I am starting to worry; the Media Matters folks are now saying the Drudge Report and all not properly liberal outlets are in league with the Russians. The voters who voted for President Donald Trump are Nazis, and the media who do not follow the party line are in cahoots with the Russians. This crap is insane, but folks are starting to believe it, and they have convinced themselves they are 100 percent correct. Any who disagree are labeled as Nazis or Russian sympathizers.

After every election, the kooks left and right come out in force, but they normally go away over time. This time around the kooks are the mass media and Hollywood folks, who are cheering on each other to become even more unhinged. The old mainstream media outlets can’t admit they blew it. The traditional network media surveys all said that the Democrats would win big. Wishful thinking, yes but in past years, the saying was that a positive story was worth 100,000 votes, and the anti-Trump media had hundreds of stories positive to them and Mrs. Clinton. The negative stories referring to candidate Trump were in the range of 85%.

President Trump’s own children came to him and said he could not win; on election eve, the polls were all against his winning. The media was overjoyed; the numbers indicated that the voters were going to do what we were told to do were overwhelming, Trump just could not win.

Ok, the left is angry; they were wrong and the voters in the majority of the states did not follow orders like good automatons. Yes, I know Secretary Clinton won the popular vote. The esteemed editor of this illustrious publication has made his stand on advertising clear: advertising in the media makes people purchases things they do not need or want. The power of advertising is undeniable and it services the capitalist agenda. We need to ask if the media can make us purchase an item we don’t actually want or need, what happened with Mrs. Clinton? The majority of the voters in the majority of the states did not purchase Mrs. Clinton as advertised on TV, in print and on the radio. The anger of the media is as much toward their loss of power as it is President Trump’s not genuflecting to them.

President Trump did not spend the proper amount on media consultants or advertising; he was out-spent by Senator Clinton nearly two to one, by $544,000,000, and yet he won. Not good news for the traditional media; if they can’t make us vote the way they are paid to convince us to vote, is the media as powerful as they were pre-election? Do companies need to advertise with them? Spend billions per year to advertise with them?

The new media has proven its worth; print is not quite dead but it is in hospice care. Traditional television, radio and print are being replaced at the speed of sound by new sources, the number of which old farts like myself find hard to grasp. Folks watch programs on laptops or smart phones. We get our news from electronic media; I can’t remember the last time I read an old-style print paper.

The old media is at a crossroads; electronic media and many new and different outlets are popping up daily. The death of the traditional media can be seen in the 90% negative coverage they are giving President Trump; balanced news will not sell advertising time.

If you are not toeing the proper line and are an older media outlet, you are a Russian or a Nazi. The traditional media have hated Matt Drudge ever since he was the first to report the scandal that got President Clinton impeached. The old dinosaurs in the media are old-fashioned pissed off; they are on the way to becoming an exhibit in the Smithsonian Institute. President Trump has made them face their own mortality and they hate him for it.





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