Army Bob: Kim family members deities in North Korea

President, Dear Leader, Kim’s official biography, stated he never needed to use a toilet because his body was so well calibrated he didn’t urinate or defecate.” NEWS .COM.AU

Let’s clear up a few facts concerning Korea. The United States has a very token combat force in Korea; most of the 23,000 troops are ADA (Air Defense Artillery), Air Force ground forces and Headquarters personnel. In Korea the headquarters are in place to move troops into theater with the C3, (command, control and communications), intelligence and logistic trains in place to support them. The rub is that the in-country personnel are not sufficient to do much more than briefly hold and for a very short period until reinforced or destroyed.

In the Korean war in 1950, we arrogantly sent Task Force Smith to Korea to stop the North Koreans invasion. A few hundred Americans, under armed, with little ammunition for the anti-tank weapons, and without combined arms support. Task force Smith was routed with great losses. The North Korean People’s Army are tank-heavy forces who rolled over Task Force Smith.

The North Korean People’s Army regular and irregular forces number close to 5,800,000 troops, over 5,000 tanks and 5,100 multiple rocket launcher systems, 8,500 tubes of conventional artillery, 11,000 anti-aircraft batteries and the largest Special Operation Forces in the world, organized and equipped along the lines of the Russian Spetsnaz. All the above, and not to mention the “Bomb” or bombs, from two to ten “Special Weapons,” and a stock pile of chemical munitions.

Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, is much larger than any American city and very densely populated. Korean homes and apartments are a fraction of the size we find in our cities, even New York’s, infamous for its small apartments. The northern half of Seoul is within conventional tube artillery range and well within the effective range of rocket launchers.

Let’s toss into the mix the Japanese having ICBMs with potentially nuclear war heads flying over their heads, and Mr. Kim has all the cards in the deck.

The North Koreans have been bad actors ever since the Korean Armistice; sinking South Korean ships, shelling islands with no military value, full of peaceful fisherman and families. Dealing in drugs, counterfeiting and banking crimes, to name a few. Political murders, kidnaping, torturing an American student to death who was on a school trip for the crime of trying to grab a North Korean propaganda poster for a souvenir.

The Kim family have poked 12 American presidents in the eye, and even hoodwinked one to give them $2 billion in exchange for a promise to give up their nukes, which of course they did not. The truth is that there are no effective solutions to this problem and President Donald Trump will do what eleven American Presidents have done before him: nothing. The Kim family are deities in the North and the people have suffered horribly in the past are prepared to suffer again to see Kim hold power.

There is a military solution, but it will cost more than we are ready to pay in lives lost; South Korean civilian and military in the hundreds of thousands, along with American military losses in the tens of thousands. Even if the Japanese help, the loss of life will be more than we will accept.

So, the Kim family will continue to be international outcasts and there is nothing anyone nor any group of nations can do to change it, to include the Chinese. Four generations of North Koreans have been taught that the Kim family are deities and the people are blessed to have the Dear Leader controlling their every action. Four generations have been raised from birth to worship the Kims and they will gladly die or suffer horribly for the Dear Leader. Combine Socialism, a God leader, central government control of the media, education, religion, economy and production and you have total control and total loyalty reminiscent of the National Socialists in Germany.

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