Kalamazoo Ghostbusters dispatched to Wheeler Library

by Austin Marsman

Library Director Alicia Kershaw poses while wearing a “proton pack” with Ghostbuster Anthony Snyder. (Photo courtesy of JC Wheeler Library)

The Kalamazoo Ghostbusters made a showing at the JC Wheeler Library in Martin  Saturday.

The veteran Ghostbusters trained “cadets” and had related activities for all ages. There was much excitement for the event as reflected by the high turnout.

“Seems like every single person in Martin got to  try on an official Proton Pack today and bust some ghosts.” posted member Anthony Snyder, “It was a very fun positive event for the Martin community.” 

The Kalamazoo Ghostbusters is strictly a fan group, their appearances are complete with movie accurate props. Today, the group is focused on community engagement and outreach.

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