Hopkins Twp. may finally be able to get out of library

The Hopkins Township Board and Hopkins District Library have shared the latter’s facility for a long time, and it’s been the cause of some hard feelings and controversy over the years.

The first step in resolving that issue may be occurring, Supervisor Mark Evans reported to his colleagues Monday night. The Library Board and representatives from the township have agreed to have the 82 feet between the Village/Township Hall and the Library deeded to the township in exchange for the township eventually vacating an office and give up its life/lease ownership the library building.

“It’s going to take a while,” Evans said, “a number of years… But I’m very pleased with this first step.”

Trustee Chuck Wamhoff agreed, “It’s a step forward. We’ve been talking about this for years.”

The supervisor asked for and received approval for spending up to $2,500 for a topographical survey of the property, which could be extended all the way to Wise Street in Hopkins.

“Now that it’s a proposal, we need to find out if it’s in the flood plain,” Evans explained.

The Township Board will continue to enjoy first rights of use until a move can be made out of the facility.

The township has used the south part of the library for board meetings and Evans has used a small adjacent office to conduct business. However, there has been considerable disagreement with the Library Board over how and how much payments should be made to the library for utilities use.

Evans said the 82 feet of land is zoned residential, but the township’s use would be legal, though the setbacks would be different.

The supervisor said he believes Hopkins Village President Mary Howard has expressed support for the idea, and he is getting optimistic.

The vote was unanimous to have the property surveyed.

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