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Wayland Union Schools wins at-risk reading grant

 Wayland Union Schools has been awarded an Additional Instructional Time Grant from the State of Michigan for $43,890.

The grant will allow the district to provide summer school programming for students in grades kindergarten through third grade who are at-risk of not meeting reading proficiency on the M-STEP assessment. The funds also will be used to purchase an advanced reading assessment system that will allow teachers to narrow in on the areas that our students are struggling with in their reading skill acquisition. It will also provide funds to facilitate professional development for teachers on the new reading assessment system.

Director of Instruction Teresa Fulk said, “Our teachers and administrators have been working very hard over the past few years to implement a system of interventions that will allow students to work on skills in the areas they need to improve in. These funds will allow us to provide students who are struggling with extra time and support to reach reading proficiency. Additionally, these funds will allow us to provide our teachers with the support they need to correctly diagnose and remediate reading deficits for our students.”

 Wayland Union Schools has been awarded this grant annually since the 2015-2016 school year and has used it to provide additional learning opportunities during winter, spring, and summer breaks and to purchase supplemental materials to support students in phonics skills.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to provide additional services for our students who are struggling with reading skills,” Fulk added.

Historically, students who have participated in this program have demonstrated growth in reading skills as measured by the NWEA Reading assessment.

 The summer learning program will work with the summer meals program to provide students with free breakfast and lunch. Students will also be provided with transportation to and from the program.

For more information, please email Teresa Fulk, Director of Instruction, or call (269) 792-2181.

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  • Just another indication of the hard work being done by WUS teachers and administrators to provide a high quality education to students in the district. Now we need as a community to support them with high quality facilities that will encourage a safe and sound learning environment for our children.

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