Dorr Township not having easy time finding a new assessor

Rosemary Anger

Patti Sampley

The Dorr Township Board is seeking applicants for township assessor, but thus far has received only one resume, that of Rosemary Anger of Hastings.

Township Clerk Debbie Sewers told board colleagues Thursday evening that she would like to have set times for interviews for the job, and later in the meeting it was decided that a special meeting of the full board may be necessary.

She said she had advertised for the position in the customary ways, but Anger’s thus far is the only viable candidacy. She noted one applicant had the qualifications, but would be unable to work during daytime hours and was eliminated as a result.

The search for a new assessor is the result of the resignation of Patti Sampley in August after serving for two years.

Sampley, in announcing her resignation, told the Penasee Globe, “Since the past election and change in elected officials, the dynamics of this township have drastically changed. It has always been my belief that if I cannot give 100 percent to a township then it is time for me to move on. Certain circumstances have made this impossible to happen…”

There were two changes of elected officials in the last election, Clerk Debbie Sewers replaced Brian Boot and Terri Rios was elected as a new trustee.

Interestingly, at Thursday night’s meeting, the Township Board adopted a resolution to help protect the assessor from additional duties outside of those described in his or her contract. Township Treasurer Jim Martin said the township’s attorney suggested the resolution to avoid any future problems, thus giving a glimpse of reasons for Sampley’s departure.

Martin told his colleagues, “It’s like she then wouldn’t have to fill in for (Office Manager) Vicki (Fifelski).”

Trustee Terri Rios appeared to be flabbergasted and asked in reply, “Who would do something like that?” and insisted the resolution wasn’t necessary.

Sewers then said, “I feel like we’re building walls” and said he wouldn’t be comfortable referring all residents’ calls to the assessor. She was told the calls could be referred instead to Martin and Supervisor Jeff Miling.

The resolution was adopted on a 5-2 vote with Rios and Sewers casting the dissenting votes.

On a related note, Anger earlier this year applied for and won the assessor’s job in Martin Township, but later turned it down because her current employer, the Barry County Equalization Department, gave her a healthy raise to keep her on board.


  • My comment was a true hypothetical example. Not related to current Assessor leaving.

    Just brainstorming…

    “It’s like she then wouldn’t have to fill in for (Office Manager) Vicki (Fifelski).”

    Jim Martin
    Dorr Treasurer

  • Once again my original comment you did not post….
    Why can’t the residents of Dorr Township hear that their township is a joke to Allegan and surrounding Counties.
    That’s why most assessors will not apply, you ( town broadcast ) most know ….if you ever leave your office know that what I have written is true…not just rumor

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