One Small Voice: Flake, Corker say ‘enough is too much’

Jeff Flake, Republican senator from Arizona, spoke emotionally and articulately from the podium in the halls of Congress earlier this week, informing his colleagues that he would not run for re-election next year because he is unwilling to be complicit with the Trump Administration in its divisive, angry, impulsive and dangerous words and actions toward Americans and people around the world.

This was big news because he joins another Republican senator, Bob Corker of Tennessee, in denouncing Trump’s leadership style and declaring that he will not run for re-election. These two men, along with Senator John McCain and former President George W. Bush, might be an indication that Republicans are no longer willing to allow the Trump model become the new normal.

I am not going to hold my breath.

Republicans and their leadership have shown themselves more than happy to live with the status quo, to put up with presidential behavior that leaves much to be desired. Former General and Chief of Staff John Kelly, whom many thought would be able to school President Trump in the diplomatic ways of world leaders, has shown himself vulnerable to the very disease of the mouth that others in the administration have caught.

Lying is now fashionable. Colleagues are not offended by it, nor do they chastise their peer for setting a bad example, or painting the entire Republican party with the same unethical brush. 

I was very glad to hear everything Senator Flake had to say. I would have preferred it to have been delivered a bit more forcefully, or with a bit of indignation. But Jeff Flake is a nice guy, and too nice to get down in the mud. So I don’t expect much to come of this.

Senator Flake said he has had enough. So many of us have had enough. When I listened to him say this, I thought of a line from an old Looney Tunes cartoon called “Owl Jolson.” The cartoon owl father has had too much of his son’s singing jazz music. As he tears the feathers from his head he hollers “Enough is too much!”

Well, I agree with the owl. Enough IS too much. If only other Republicans of the same mind would shout it out for all to hear.


  • Senators Flake and Corker have been out of the mainstream Republican party just like McCain. All three are Democrats with an “R” by their names. They were prepared to kiss the ring of Hillary after her coronation, the only problem was they forgot the American people voting and not just the Left and Right coasts – the swamp dwellers were exposed for the has-beens and political scum they have become. All three are deplorable.

    Flake is getting his butt kicked in early polling, so he sees the handwriting on the wall. He isn’t giving up his office, he’s leaving without a fight because he knows he will lose in the primaries – big time.

    Little Bob Corker needs to return to Ohio and become a dog catcher that he is with all the dog whistles he has.

    And please, Sen. McCain, don’t embarrass yourself any more and leave the Senate. Go home and live out the remaining days you have left in Arizona. Don’t tarnish your reputation any more with being the best Democrat in the Republican Party.

    Good riddance to all three and any more like minded Republican Senators and Representatives. Your time is over and the swamp is being drained – go home. YOU are the problem in Washington D.C.

      • Mr. Basura, you are very correct.

        Hillary and the Democrats were the real Russian collusion artists. We’ve always known Democrats don’t like their country, and they are proving it. It’s about time Hillary, Wasserman-Shultz, and the rest of the Democrat Party campaign supporters be investigated by a Special Prosecutor for all their dirty deeds.

        Oh, where is the Clinton Foundation cash now? Millions (reportedly $140 million) given in exchange for selling 20% or uranium stores to Russia. Another $500,000 for Bubba to give a speech. I bet that was a barn burner of a speech. The deplorables exist, just on the “D” side of the aisle.

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