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Suspicious bus in Martin Twp. is a ‘misunderstanding’

by Austin Marsman

Reports have flooded social media over the past month about an “unmarked” school bus traveling the Martin Public Schools bus routes. The bus was described to have no school name on the side and bear the number 20.

In an email to, Sergeant John Damveld (Allegan County Sheriff’s Dept), said that a thorough investigation by the Traffic Team and Michigan State Police surfaced no issues. He was able to conclude that the rumors are “unfounded and all a misunderstanding.”

The incident in question took place on a side road near Shelbyville during a morning route. Bus number 18 pulled to the side of the road, allowing the driver to talk to a student who was in the aisle and needed to sit down. Those who spotted the bus said it was parked for a longer than usual time on the dark street.

Concerned families contacted the school transportation department and the information was passed on to the proper authorities in a timely manner, according to Martin Schools Superintendent David Harnish.

Students are always encouraged to observe their school name, animal plaque, bus number and driver when boarding their buses.

(Photos courtesy of Austin Marsman)

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