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Wayland Dems meeting Wednesday to focus on 2018 election

The Allegan County Democratic Party will be host for a meeting for people interested in getting involved in the 2018 election.

The meeting will be from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Wednesday at the library at Pine Street Elementary, 201 Pine St., Wayland.

“The Wayland Dems are building a foundation for the 2018 election and beyond,” a spokesperson explained. “This is currently a small group, and with your help and participation, it will grow!”


  • I notice nobody wants to tack their name on the announcement, only a “spokesman”. Democrats in Allegan County are strong in one area – Watson Corners. And the few folks outside of that area are in such small numbers as not to be a factor in county politics.

    If you are a Democrat, you have to wear the Democrat party platform of not recognizing God at your convention, supporting all abortion, demanding the Second Amendment be only for the military and confiscation of all other guns, and reveling and promoting gay, transgender, bi-sexual, etc., etc. behavior.
    If that is the party for you, please attend this meeting – that is your right to do so.

    If you don’t believe as Democrats, make your voice known in opposition.

    • This coming from the person who is too chickenshit to sign his name. I would think people with integrity would not be afraid to stand by their beliefs.

  • I remember a dear friend telling me years ago that the Allegan County Democratic Caucus was so big that they had to meet around someone’s kitchen table to accommodate them all. At the time I thought it was tremendously funny. Now I find myself wishing, wistfully, that it wasn’t so.

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