Ranger Rick: Are youth being brainwashed by educators?

In a recent survey released by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, 58% of millennials (ages 18–34) would rather be living under some form of collectivist system than the free market-based system of capitalism.

The ugly little secret is there is no free market-based system of capitalism, because if there was, there would be no need for government intervention and regulation on any product created and sold. Everyone is aware the human condition is not without frailties and failure, so there is fear by those distrusting capitalism to “do the right thing.”

Let me ask you, has government ever “done the right thing” for everyone? That will be for another article for another day, at this point let’s examine why millennials think the way they do about government.

What are they teaching in high schools and colleges? Evidently, they teach what to think, based on each instructor’s politics and world-view, instead of how to think. The use of empirical evidence, science (not consensus), and logic to establish what is true or false or unknown at the time. If the teaching and the appeal of communism pushed by instructors isn’t an indictment against the American educational standard, what is?

What is the support of restrictions to free speech rights? I have had heated discussions with someone with a different viewpoint than my own, but I don’t demand they cease and desist just because I don’t like what they are saying or what ideas they are citing. Are the young people of today that soft? If that is the case, their future will be unsatisfying, as the world doesn’t owe you a living and not everyone is going to agree with you about everything, let alone politics.

The vast majority of millennials have never truly experienced oppressive and tyrannical government. They get the idea that if private property and inequality are outlawed and equal outcomes taking the place of equal opportunity is “fair.” And the careful crafting of the world where that takes place will be a world of “equality” – they may want to be careful what they wish for, they may get it.

During the non-growth Obama administration years, that would stifle anyone’s dreams of getting ahead in life. Millions of high school and college graduates had no jobs to go to after graduation. The reason has nothing to do with free market society, it has everything to do with government intervention in their lives, depressing growth and progress, resulting in less opportunity for less jobs and business growth.

President Obama was raised in a Marxist home, with Marxist family and family friends throughout his upbringing and into college and beyond. It is no wonder he never loved this country being based on a capitalist system, anathema to a Marxist. This is not an unknown secret, as much as Democrats seethe every time it is mentioned.

Making it easy to go deep into debt on the government dime was not beneficial to those students seeking and receiving those loans. Massive debt and lower earning power while being taught and told they are victims of “the system” will naturally seek to change it, rather than change themselves.

Capitalism is the worst economic system in the world except when compared with all others! It is the only economic system in the world in which those in grinding poverty and despair can rise above those conditions and thrive given the guts, fortitude, savvy, and opportunity to do so. I know, because I came from modest means and have done well taking the bull by the horns and doing for myself, not waiting for someone or government to give or help me in attaining my desires and dreams.

I know plenty of others doing the same thing and have done very well for themselves, but they worked long hours, sometimes in jobs they didn’t want or like, but knowing by surviving and getting more training or education was the only way up the ladder of success. This was done over years, not months. Success doesn’t come overnight unless you win the lottery, and you will probably be broke before you realize your money is almost gone. A high percentage of lottery winners lose it all eventually.

Never, ever, depend on others or the government for your opportunities for success. If you do, you will be angry and disappointed. Government does nothing but rob from the citizens to give to others that can’t or won’t do for themselves.

“Governments that set out to regiment their people with the stated objective of providing security and liberty have ended up losing both. Those which put freedom as the first priority find they have also provided security and economic progress.” — Ronald Reagan

If you want equality, go to a communist country to live. You will find out very quickly nobody is equal, there is a “pecking order” and those in power are the exception, not the rule. However, there is equality! Everyone not in power is equally miserable.

You will find capitalism is a good system in that everyone has access to opportunity, not equality. If you are physically and mentally able, you can earn a living. Those with skills and education may do better, based on what they contribute to earn more. The more valuable you become to a company or business, the more you can expect to earn.

To get a good view and experience of communism/socialism, go to Cuba and experience the 1950s all over again. The U.S. has moved on, Cuba is stuck in the ’50s. But every Cuban will tell you they are happy and everyone has medical care and education provided. They just don’t tell you when you’ll get medical care and you must harvest sugar cane when in season instead of going to school. Everyone is equal!

Don’t be deceived by a teacher or professor. Think for yourself and question everything. Consensus is not science and not part of the scientific method. Ask your parents and grandparents (if you have any and they are still alive) about freedom and capitalism vs. communism and oppression. If you know a veteran, tell them about your new-fangled ideas you learned in school about how wonderful communism and socialism are — listen to the response.

The rotting of America from within continues …










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