Public hearing Dec. 18 to discuss hunting safety zone

Re-elected City Council members (from left) Jennifer Antel, Rick Mathis and Lisa Banas were sworn in Monday night by Mayor Tim Bala.

The Wayland City Council will have a public hearing at 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 18, on a proposed ordinance amendment that would create a safety buffer zone between hunters and city residences and public properties such as schools.

The amendment was suggested by Councilman Rick Mathis and citizen Nathan Cardosa, who both reported that a neighboring landowner has actively hunted animals within 20 to 30 yards of a residence on the edge of the city limits.

Cardosa told the council, “My biggest concern is that though he (the neighbor) has quite a bit of land, he chooses to hunt near our property and we have small children.” His wife, Nicki, is a teacher and coach at Wayland High School.

Mathis shared Cardosa’s concerns, adding, “He did shoot a doe that ran on to school property,” and state law permits hunters to track down their prey if they have been shot nearby and run onto public property.

Mathis proposes that a buffer zone of 450 feet between residences and schools and legal hunting property be established to avoid any potential dangers. He said that even though this instance involved bow hunting, a stray arrow can travel up to 100 feet.

Interim City Manager Larry Nielsen said some municipalities prohibit hunting altother, but Wayland has some properties that are wooded and rural.

Mathis pointed out that state law insists hunters get permission from landowners to chase down animals on their property, but that restriction does not apply to public land, including schools.

Mathis said he is a hunter himself, but is interested in crafting a local law to establish a safety zone on behalf of residents and school children, particularly those at Steeby and Baker elementaries.



  • Doesn’t anyone in Wayland know the DNR rules? It’s called the safety zone… only archery equipment can be used no firearms…
    Can’t believe using archery / crossbow would endanger the neighboring persons unless they are illegally trespassing on his property…
    Now if it’s because someone sees a dead deer and gets upset because it happened to make it to school property….. Then say so.
    Otherwise, report the fellow using a firearm within a safety zone. Even if he owns the land, he would require written permission from all those within 450 feet of this hunting stand.
    Just call the DNR…if a firearm is being used.

  • Well, since the city has an ordinance that states you cannot shoot a projectile (arrow, bullet, etc) within city limits they should start enforcing that.

    Also per DNR hunting rules and regulations you cannot shoot shoot a firearm within 450 feet of a dwelling.

    The ordinances are in place, but it sounds like they need to be enforced.

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