Ranger Rick: Roy Moore is innocent until proven guilty

When it comes to accusations for sexual misconduct between the opposite sex, usually the male is viewed as guilty until he can prove his innocence. Such is the situation with candidate Judge Roy Moore. She said, he said….

I am not prescient in the guilt or innocence of the Republican candidate for U.S. senator from the great state of Alabama (Roll Tide!). But I do know the drip, drip, drip of women making accusations; it adds up to political disaster. My hope is the good people of Alabama will give him the benefit of doubt and elect him as senator.

If it is proven he has committed any crimes, he will be charged and the case adjudicated. If found guilty and he is a senator, the governor or Alabama will replace him with another Republican.

Of course, since Judge Moore is a Republican, he will get no relief from the media like President Clinton did, does and always will (although lately, there are some questioning the strategy of defending him). Many women came forward and accused Governor/President Clinton, sticking their heads on the chopping block for the hatchet wielding media because they had so much invested in making sure Clinton survived for some odd reason.

A scumbag is a scumbag, regardless of political persuasion, rank, or pecking order. President Clinton was and is a scumbag. Judge Moore may be one too, but nobody in the media, nor his party, will come to his defense. When they quickly pass judgement – it looks like a setup to me.

Especially when Gloria Allred gets involved as representing the woman with a ”signed” yearbook allegedly by Judge Moore. When asked to turn over the yearbook to a mediator to be examined by experts by Judge Moore’s lawyer, Ms. Allred balked saying she doesn’t know if the yearbook signature is authentic or not. A man’s reputation is being decimated upon her client’s claims and she doesn’t want to know the truth? If he is innocent, where does he go to get his reputation back?

Evidently, Ms. Allred doesn’t care about the truth (like most lawyers), just get Judge Moore eliminated from the race. The whole thing is looking and smelling like a set-up by Democrats and Remocrats (especially McConnell).

Is he guilty? Who knows. They must get rid of him. Why? For Democrats and Remocrats, he is a conservative and a defender of religious rights, the Constitution, Pro-Life and the Ten Commandments. He would upset the power structure of the Swamp.

You notice none of these accusations came up any time in the 35-40 years he’s been in public office. Why not before? Are the women making the accusations just now having second thoughts and they must tell their story because he is running for the senate?

You notice how quick Senator Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan denounced Judge Moore and the other Swamp Monsters (Sen. Flake (aptly named), Sen. McCain, and the other usual Remocrats) who used the Trump platform to get re-elected but never voted for or now support any his initiatives.

Sen. Flake says he is leaving at the end of his term (good riddance!), but he’s getting his butt beat by a real conservative in the polls so he sees the handwriting on the wall and bowing out gracefully (and I’m sure with millions in retirement).

Sen. McCain – as flakey as Flake, must go home and spend his remaining time with family. I honor his service to the country, but he is a disgrace to his constituency and they need a healthy senator to represent their interests. Sen. McCain hasn’t cared about his constituents for some time. He’s all for John McCain.

I feel bad for Judge Moore, and if what they say is true, I also respect the women making the accusations and coming forward. Like I said, a scumbag is a scumbag.

However, I make this prediction. If Judge Moore drops out and he is innocent, that is a travesty and will be repeated on other Republican candidates in the future. This isn’t just about Judge Moore. This won’t stop just because Moore drops out.

If he stays in and wins, it will be the last time you’ll hear from these women making the accusations. I wonder how many Democrat and Remocrat operatives are pushing these women forward to make the accusations?

And if he confesses the accusations are true, I hope the women feel as though they received vindication. And if charges can be brought forward against him, pile them on!

But if he is innocent, these women should hang their heads in shame. And they should name the names of those pushing them to make false claims against Judge Moore so they are known and they can be questioned by the media and legal charges can be filed against them.

The rotting of America from within continues…


  • Roy Moore is a horrible candidate, but the only consequence of his alleged actions will be loss of a Senate seat. The statute of limitations applies to all (thus far) charges, so he will never be proven guilty, nor even have a day in court. That said, it bears repeating that he is a horrible candidate and to support him is to imply that Bill Clinton should never have been impeached.

    Clinton was not impeached, of course, over sex – he was impeached for obstruction of justice and lying to a grand jury. Nonetheless, that wouldn’t have happened without the sex, and today’s growing list of powerful Progressive men accused of sexual assault might have been much shorter if not for the hypocrisy of the feminists who defended Clinton. Including, especially, Hillary.

  • The Roy Moore case is not he said, she said. It’s he said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said. Fifteen accusers.
    I believe the women.
    One was 14 years old when she went on a “date” with Roy Moore.
    She met him as a child. She was the subject of a child custody matter. Roy was the assistant prosecuting attorney on the case, which is how he met her. He allegedly took her to his house, removed her outer clothing, touched her over he underwear, removed his own clothing,
    and guided her hand to touch his penis for the purpose of sexual gratification. He denies the allegations of this woman, and of all the others. He said he “didn’t customarily date teen-aged girls. He also said he didn’t date teens in his 30s “on a regular basis”.
    The presumption of innocence, which gives rise to innocent until proven guilty concept, is a legal matter, guaranteed by our Constitution. This is not a criminal trial. Moore wants to be voted to represent the People of Alabama. Roy is not on trial, though the alleged behavior would be felonious in Alabama as it is here in Michigan. Roy wants the people of Alabama to vote for him. He’s asking for votes. The Governor has said she would vote for child molester rather than a democrat, and she will be voting for Moore. You make it clear you are not that conservative, and I applaud you for putting country ahead of party.
    I believe the women.

  • Setting aside the issues of sexual predation and innocent until proven guilty, Roy Moore has twice been removed from a public office for failing to abide by the law. He has a track record of proven guilt on other matters which ought to signal Alabama voters to his true nature. This alone should speak to those voters as to the senator they may select. You get what you pay for, and they may find themselves paying dearly.

  • I know I am in the minority … but all of a sudden all these allegations are coming to the surface after years and years ….if all the males in any form of power are these sexual predators ….why does it take so long to surface….. now just maybe these women really at the time did not care what it took to achieve what they were after a the time …..if that is true than I ( even knowing all will disagree ) have to believe there was no crime ….many women have used their sexuality to gain favor from the beginning of time

    • I’m not sure what favor a 14 year old girl might have gained from her 32 year old prosecutor. She met him as the subject of a Child Custody matter before the court. We have laws in this country to protect children from adults that would prey on them sexually. Often these laws are referred to as laws against statutory rape. If a child is under the age of sexual consent – 16 in Michigan, as in Alabama – the child can not legally consent to sexual contact. If the allegations against Roy Moore are true, he committed criminal sexual conduct, a felony, when he molested the underage girl.

      Another woman reported he used physical force against her when she was 16. She would have reached the age of consent – but she didn’t consent. That would also be a felony. There are a lot of accusers.

      Presumption of innocence is not in play here, since Moore has not been charged with a crime because of statute of limitations . The People of Alabama need to vote to either send this man to the US Senate, or send his opponent.

  • Maybe I’ve led a sheltered life. Born in Grand Rapids, raised in GR suburbs, a tour of duty in the USN and have lived in five states.

    I have never heard of a public employee in the legal system like Judge Moore being barred from a mall because he was “bothering” teenage girls. If the yearbook signature is real, Moore’s denial of knowing that accuser is an outright lie.

    I really don’t care who is elected in Alabama. Never lived there and never will. The residents will decide. If they decide to vote for a man removed from the bench as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court twice, so be it. First in 2003, Moore refused a federal court order to remove the Ten Commandments monument from the front of the courthouse where the state’s supreme met and then in 2013 when he directed lower court state judges to ignore the federal same sex ruling.

    If they want to elect a guy who has a history of hanging around high school events when he was 25 to 30 years old and was banned from a local mall as a member of the prosecutor’s office, it’s troublesome, but maybe that’s acceptable to them. If they want to elect a man who believe Biblical law takes precedence over federal law I think they are voting for a Christian theocracy.

    The biggest thing that bothers me about the accusations of bad behavior by Weinstein, Weiner, Judge Moore, Louie CK, Senator Franken, Congressman Conyers, Charlie Rose and others is to date it seems there are some in the GOP and conservative media who are reticent to criticize or investigate based on political affiliation while to date those often labeled as liberals are calling for investigation of the accused holding office and support the dismissals of others.

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