Ranger Rick: Is the JFK assassination relevant today?

Where were you on Friday Nov. 22, 1963? If you were alive and of age to remember the darkness that hung over the country after the assassination of President John Kennedy, it is still with us today.

We were an innocent country by today’s standards, wide-eyed and as a majority we believed what was spoon fed us by the government and media. We would never believe our government would lie to us and the media could be manipulated and coerced into parroting what was given them as the official story.

I too was of the mindset that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin – isn’t that what the Warren Commission concluded? There were three things that in my mind always bothered me.

How did they catch Oswald so quickly if they had no idea of shooter identity?

After the Zapruder film came out, my knowledge of firearms and the result of bullet travel and reaction to being hit, the movement of President Kennedy’s head back and to the left after the killing head shot, exploding it like a melon, did not make me believe all shots were from the rear of the limousine. If not for Mr. Zapruder’s 8mm film, the ruse may have played out with no complications and questions.

A few days after the capture of Oswald, he was killed in the basement of the police department being transferred to a county facility for incarceration. The killer, Jack Ruby (Rubenstein), was a low level Mafia man who managed a strip club. He did it, he said, to shield Mrs. Kennedy from more inquiry and a trial. That was a good explanation at the time, but Ruby knew Oswald before killing him, Ruby was from Chicago under Sam Giancanna’s mafia family, and he was following Sam’s orders – the patsy had to be eliminated.

Enter Oliver Stone and the 1991 movie “JFK.” I read “On The Trail of the Assassins” by Jim Garrison and was intrigued by the book and subsequent movie depicting the story. I’ve always been bothered by the assassination and the swirl surrounding the actions of the Dallas police, FBI, CIA involvement, mob involvement, all the way up to LBJ and the federal government officials after the incident and the few days following including the killing of Oswald.

After all the interviews I’ve read, all the books, I was still puzzled. How did the biggest crime in the history of the United States come off without help by officials involved? Then I came across the James Files interview where he claims he was the shooter on the grassy knoll who delivered the final killing head shot. If you watch his interview, he is factual, calm, informational, knows people, dates/times, and did something to the cartridge he ejected after firing that seals the deal for me (it is something only the shooter would know and it was found later).

If you’ve ever had questions about the assassination and knew something was not right about it, especially the joke of an investigation by the Warren Commission, please view this interview on Youtube. It is about 2 3/4 hrs. in length and well worth your time in understanding how it was done and how those responsible got away with it.

You will find out Oswald was what he says he was – a patsy. You will find out how it was set up, who set it up, and the players in the shooting (not Oswald). Why Jack Ruby had to kill Oswald and why all the eye-witnesses were killed or so scared to talk about what they saw. Taken singularly, they didn’t add up, but once the pieces of the puzzle are arranged, it becomes apparent who were responsible and why.

Our government has been lying to us for decades about this and Vietnam and why we were pushed into fighting in a country that didn’t want us there. Kennedy had signed orders to wind down the war/advisors in country to be returned by 1965.

LBJ (Lyndon Baines Johnson) once he was confirmed as president, Kennedy’s orders were overridden by his orders to expand the war. The war machine moved forward, bids for war materials and machines were let, and the kickbacks began. With all the needless deaths of young men in a war that wasn’t wanted or needed, the American uptick in war began in earnest.

Prosecutor Jim Garrison didn’t know how close he was to breaking the case with those involved with Oswald while in New Orleans. The evidence he had was so preposterous to the normal American, they didn’t want to believe their own government would lie to them. After the prosecution lost the case, those charged were freed, but most met untimely deaths before, during the trial, and soon afterward.

Garrison was correct when he said the country will not be able to survive without knowing what happened to Kennedy and how the government controls what we see and hear. It is no secret this all happened by players on the Democrat side of the aisle and operatives (Kennedy, LBJ, most of the Warren Commission, FBI (J Edgar Hoover), CIA (McCone)). Rep. and future president Jerry Ford (R-MI) was an unwitting Republican thrown onto the Warren Commission to show bi-partisanship along with Sen. John Cooper (R-KY). After reviewing Ford’s performance while on the commission, it was apparent he went along to get along.

The phrase “It’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma!” uttered by David Ferrie in the JFK movie sums up the JFK assassination and resulting years of confusion.

John F. Kennedy had many enemies, many of them internal. The CIA based “Bay of Pigs” invasion gone bad with no air support and Kennedy’s refusal to get the U.S. overtly involved, the history of Joe Kennedy’s neutrality at the beginning of WWII and leaning toward Hitler, the FBI tapes and surveillance of John Kennedy’s dalliances with the many women, his disdain for J. Edgar Hoover and rumors of his removal by Kennedy, the effective Robert Kennedy war on the Mafia, LBJ’s hate for the Kennedy’s comments of “cornpone Lyndon” – all culminated in the planned killing of the President Kennedy.

President Kennedy was looked at as a lightweight in a heavyweight fight. He never saw the roundhouse right hook that doomed his presidency and his life.

If you think Robert Kennedy’s death was a lone crazy assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, and there was no evidence it was a Mafia hit, you really are naïve. They hated the guy, and wanted to kill him, but laid off until he declared himself a candidate for president in 1968. They couldn’t have him as president and operate the way they had. They wanted to kill him before deciding to kill his brother, the president. That way Robert would be impotent with no powerful brother to back him up. Once he declared himself as a candidate for president, his fate was sealed.

I don’t believe in every conspiracy theory that comes along, but I believe JFK and RFK both died because they didn’t go along to get along… that’s exactly how they get away with assassinating public figures, by not putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I do believe in evil, and it exists now more than ever.

The rotting of America from within continues…


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