Ranger Rick: Look for good economic times ahead!

I really hate it when the economy is doing well. Jobs are created, business activity increases, people are spending money, and the traffic increases.

That means terrible things — increasing revenue flowing into the state and federal treasuries, more for politicians to squander, more power to politicians to hold over each other in trading/”negotiating” future legislation to screw the taxpayers. Oh, to be a Democrat, a dream come true!

But hold it, this is not a Democrat house, senate or presidency. And Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer know the handwriting on the wall does not bode well for the Democrats. They believe in static economics, meaning there is only so much money in the system and to give taxpayers a break, other taxpayers must ante up. Nothing about cutting spending — no, once a program is enacted, it never, ever dies, even if it is redundant with other programs.

Yes, the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, or so the Democrat mantra goes. Trickle-down economics is bad and must be reviled at every turn. The ugly secret is it has always been “trickle” down from the first organized government in Roman and Greek governments to present. And the Democrats know it. They only know one thing and it is getting so tired it has been used so often — division politics.

Now to be fair, Republicans do their share to siding with the Democrats. Those Remocrats who still think like they are the minority party, both Senator McConnell and Speaker Ryan are starting to think like majority leaders, but they are at times reluctant to use their power to help the American people.

Enter a former Democrat that always had Republican economic ideas. Donald Trump. President Trump was the right person for the right time to get the country moving and expand the economy and give more money back to whence it came, the taxpayers. Some will be hurt by the change (most in liberal high property tax states), but the vast majority will pay less in taxes. Lowering the corporate tax rate will encourage businesses to expand, and an expanding business climate expands and grows the economy. The state and federal treasuries with get more and more tax revenue, more people will have jobs, and more spending in the private sector.

Now there will be many on the left side of the aisle to say this is the Obama expansion. If that were true, why did the economy sputter and no business expansion of any significance take place during his administration? We suffered as a nation for eight long years of more and more economic downslide. Not one year did the economy ever perform to 3% growth. Many years were less than 2%, the worst economic performance by any president since World War II.

A defining achievement by an amateur, inexperienced president and an inexperienced administration overall. I could list all the programs that failed under the inept leader, but I only have so much space. To those of you that think President Obama’s years in the White House were great, I leave you with your delusion. Please take a good, honest look in the mirror and ask yourself if you might need professional help.

To those of you who hate the president’s tweeting, I also cringe once in a while, but overall he keeps the narrative and attention of the media by his tweets. Also, they can’t control the narrative or rewrite what he actually said in his tweets when they are public. He is a master at keeping the attention on him and his initiatives.

And the U.S. House and Senate are finally giving him victories so the American people can prosper and move forward. The American stock market and the economy have responded in the positive in a huge way since his election.

The government has been so irresponsible for years, it is about time we get the government we deserve, if they will continue to act like adults and not spend money we don’t have. There will be a period of expanding debt, but it will decline once the economic programs are in place over time.

The old saying it takes money to make money is true to an extent. President Obama and his administration doubled the overall debt in 8 years. They believed in government, they didn’t believe in you. Give President Trump’s economic initiatives a chance to work, and you’ll see improvement in a declining debt burden.

Much to the dismay of ineffectual Democrat Party, and I dare say, the declining party of the perverted, outside the mainstream, and the party of death and mayhem. A party without a positive message and declining support. Please, keep up the great work!


  • Golly, Ranger Rick, you certainly seem to have had a hard time when President Obama was in the White House. After inheriting the biggest economic downturn since The Great Depression there were still 11.3M jobs created in his administration after a disastrous start that saw huge job losses from the last year of the Bush2 administration that carried into 2010.

    Here is the job creation score for the last 8 year administrations since 1980:

    There were 15.9M jobs created in the 8 years Reagan was in office. (Remember Reagan raised taxes after cutting them)
    There were 22.9M jobs created in the 8 years Clinton was President (Clinton raised taxes as well) There were 11.3M jobs created in the two-term Obama Presidency and that was after 14 straight months of job losses from The Great Recession that totaled 5M.
    In two terms the Bush2 administration saw 2.3M jobs created and there were 2.2M jobs lost in the last 4 months of 2008 as the Great Recession took hold. (Bush2 cut taxes twice, ran two wars off the books and pushed through Medicare PartB that was an unfunded mandate. Those things add to the deficit)

    Unemployment went from 10% in the depths of the recession to 4.6% when President Obama left office.

    Given those numbers coming in, what do the tax breaks affect down the line other than a projected deficit of 1 trillion dollars, some say $1.3T to $ 1.5T to a debt the GOP and those calling themselves fiscal conservatives were sweating less than 12 months ago?

    I read and hear more rosey projections from the GOP and their supporters. I just remember many of those were the people who said the Dow would never see 10,000 during an Obama administration as it was at 7,949 on Inaugaration Day 2009 and the Nasdaq would never see 1500. The conservative commentators said Obama’s presidency would be an unmitigated disaster for the markets. Had you listened you would have missed out on more than a doubling of the markets. Unemployment went from a high of 10% to 4.7% and home mortgage rates are at 1960s levels.

    When the next economic slowdown comes around, I am anxious to hear all the fiscal conservatives who are cheering the trillion dollar deficit generator blame others for deficits they voted to double.

    And so it goes.

    • Mr. Couchman,
      Evidently you do sit on the couch quite a bit and picking numbers out of the air, because the figures you came up with don’t match anything I’ve been able to find. Regardless, you’ve had your say.

      You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig (my apologies to swine).

      President Obama’s terms were challenging as are most presidents’ time in office. But everything he did certainly did not help the economy in any way. The private sector (read that “small business”) helped his figures, through no help from him. I look at the increases in the poor (more than 20 million more), huge food stamp expansion (more than doubled), and expansion of disabled benefit recipients and President Obama was the winner! If you call misery winning.

      Everything that should have been up was down and everything that should have been down was up during President Obama’s inept reign and his amateur administration.

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