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Two-car accident at Dorr exit raises safety questions

A two-car accident late Friday afternoon at the Dorr overpass on the U.S.-131 expressway (exit No. 68) has raised questions once again about the safety of the highway exit at 142nd Avenue. Bev Johnson, one of the two motorists involved in the crash, indicated it sometimes is difficult for vehicles to turn left onto 142nd because of some visual obstruction of oncoming traffic. The road, one of the busiest in Allegan County, other than the expressway, was closed for a time Friday. (Photo supplied)


    • I agree Mike. Excellent point.
      The entrance ramps are fine, but both off ramps southbound and northbound needed to be placed much further west and east respectively.
      The problem is seen the length of 131 from Grand Rapids to Kalamazoo which contains no true cloverleaf designed exits and entrances.
      Just a matter of time before this tragedy is repeated.

  • I agree horrible design…need a light just like Wayland’s ramp. They know a four way stop doesn’t work it was tried earlier.
    Time for people to make this a safer intersection. Not sure if the State, County, or township is responsible for installation of traffic control at ramps, But, something has to change

  • 142nd and US 131
    If anyone has issues turning on to 142nd Ave from US 131 exit ramps please direct your concerns to Nathan at MDOT his contact number is 616-464-1799 or you can email at MDOT would be the ones to decide if it is necessary to add stop signs or traffic lights there. At this time they do not feel it is warranted. If people start to direct their concerns to MDOT maybe they will consider putting something there. We would like to see stop signs or lights there before else happens

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