Ranger Rick: The new year brings lots of good news

Happy New Year everyone!

The winning just keeps happening. More people working, less people on unemployment, and profits are up.

This is good news for African-Americans as the unemployment rate for blacks is the best since 2000, 7.3%. You would have thought the first black president would have helped the black community get more jobs, but of course, that didn’t happen during President Barack Obama’s tenure.

Well, not much happened on the positive side during his time in office except more misery and slow or non-existent growth in the economy. With the high taxes and massive regulation increase under President Obama, the old rule of high taxes and more regulation slowing the economy was evidence those actions hinder the economy and increase debt. More than doubled during the Obama years.

President Obama was known as the welfare and food stamp president – put more people on welfare and food stamps than during any other two-term president.

Of course, most politicians know about the effects on taxes on the economy, but their instincts are to always raise taxes and never, ever cut spending. They are recently finding overspending in various departments to total more than our national debt! This is hot off the press as of Tuesday, so the fleshing out of the story will be forthcoming by those investigating. Don’t depend on the fake news to touch the story, as they depend on flattering politicians to be able to keep making more fake news and drowning out what is not considered important.

The overall debt is not big news to the fake news – ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC – all would rather keep hounding President Trump with Russia, Russia and more Russia. No evidence, but that never discouraged the Fake News. President Trump, please pull the plug on this charade of an investigation.

President Trump is gaining traction with the populace, making his approval numbers creep up. Oh, oh, not good news for Democrats, Socialists, Communists, Marxists and other haters of America. In fact, his one-year approval numbers were the same as President Obama’s after one year. Not good news for the mid-term elections for Democrats. They have no leader to point to as the presidential contender with Chuckie Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Pocahontas Warren, Independent Bernie (why is he considered a Democrat?), and other “also rans” nobody has heard of.

I would hope the investigation into the dossier Hillary Clinton spent millions on would be investigated. I heard she spend over 2 billion dollars on her losing campaign and never set foot in Wisconsin? What was she thinking? Madison isn’t the only city in Wisconsin, but she forgot about the deplorables in the hinterlands of the north woods.

Governor Rick Snyder is in his last year of being our esteemed governor. Not a great seven years, but a steady hand on the tiller to get through the stormy state seas of upheaval and consternation. Detroit is Detroit, still sucking up the majority of the state coffer money to support a revival of a once great city. The rest of the state suffers with the east side taking most of the state revenue to support their liberal schemes and local government graft and corruption. Don’t believe me, look at any Detroit News or Free Press and read all about it. Almost as bad as Chicago.

I had an older friend who told me back when he was a kid on South Division, his father operated a party store and ran numbers for the local hoods (yes, the Mafia existed and probably still exists in West Michigan) and more money was being made in the backroom than selling stock off the selves. The store was just a front for the illegal activities.

Of course, they had to pay protection money every month so the store wouldn’t be raided by the cops or muscled by another gang. At least with the Mafia, you knew what you had to pay to survive and they left you alone. With government, they take and provide nothing in return. Both are crooks, but one is legal and the other not, government is legal theft.

Well, we all must pay taxes, it is the American way. I just hope in the future it will be less and less instead of more and more. But if you listen to Democrats, taxing is the only way to get ahead, not economic growth. It gives them more money to squander on their pet projects. Both parties must be thinking like the Mafia, why else would they spend millions to get a Congressional job that pays what, $170,000 per year?

And answer me this, if they all make the same, how do they mostly come out from office millionaires, or multi-millionaires? I know what it costs to live in Washington D.C. and it ain’t peanuts. In fact, it is one of the highest cost of living areas in the nation. And these politicians work looking out for the welfare of the people? If you believe that, you believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy.

On another subject, don’t you love this warm winter? What happened to the Global Warming, er… Global Climate Change? Sorry, I get them mixed up, the narrative keeps changing with the temperature. Since the temperature hasn’t raised in over 17 years now, they had to call it something else, hence Global Climate Change, that way they had everything covered.

Folks, think for yourself. The 97% of scientists and climatologists concur, agree, blah, blah – that media statement is pure hooey and you know it. Concurrence and agreement is not science. There is no science that points to anything but the earth is constantly changing naturally, and there is nothing man can do about it.

It goes in cycles, and if it didn’t, how were there periods of super warm and super cold for years, decades, centuries long before man and the Industrial Revolution? Man and Science, wonderful when mixed correctly to help humankind, idiotic and destructive when used qualify and quantify changes in climate. To predict the future when it comes to the earth is futile, earth is in charge, not science or mankind.

The rotting of America from within continues…


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