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Wayland man sentenced for break-in, impersonation

Matt Holcomb, 40, of Wayland, last month in Allegan County Circuit Court was sentenced 29 months to 15 years in prison for breaking into a home and pretending to be a police officer and then flooding a cell at the Allegan County Jail.

Circuit Judge Margaret Zuzich Bakker said Holcomb had sought mental health treatment, but did not follow through.

The prosecution maintained that the home invasion was serious because of its effects on the victims in an apartment building.



His attorney contended her client was in a psychotic state while committing the crimes. She argued he didn’t get into trouble for years until his mental health problems worsened.

Bakker sentenced Holcomb for second degree home invasion and for impersonating a police officer.


Holcomb was sentenced to 195 days in jail, with credit for 195 days served for damaging fire or police property.


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