Army Bob: Liberal media still acting like a jilted lover

ABC News announced Dec. 2 that it suspended investigative reporter Brian Ross for four weeks without pay after he was forced to correct a bombshell on-air report about Michael Flynn LTG. USA (Ret).

Our friends in the media were euphoric December first and second, as a journalist from ABC reported the link between the Russians and President Trump was uncovered. The media found the “smoking gun” and their jihad aginst President Trump was bearing fruit. Their problem was the smoking gun was a water pistol.

The stock market took a 300-point tumble, people lost millions from their retirement accounts, but who cares — President Trump is going down, time to break out the good drugs and have a party. The View was cheering, and the media was wall to wall on this story for a few hours.

It is no secret that the majority of the media class hate, yes hate, President Trump and he gives as good as he gets, infuriating the main stream media. Lies and half-truths are the norm as the fourth estate fails to self-regulate. Mr. Ross’ unvetted, unregulated report was an embarrassment; however, the report being based on information received from a “confidant,” whatever that means, could not be verified. Please keep in mind that this was a hard news story, not in an opinion column.

Mr. Ross further exacerbated his plight, when faced with the truth, he issued a clarification  and not a correction. Apparently in the media there is a big difference between the two. Mr. Ross’ inaccurate report was, according to the ABC News Division, on him and not his staff, as they advised against the re


After Mr. Ross finishes his 30-day vacation he will be forbidden from covering stories concerning the President directly. ABC has passively acknowledged the existence of the dreaded “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (TDS) and its effect on many in the media, blinding them to the facts.

We can only wonder what stories demeaning President Trump are indeed untrue, reported by those suffering from the disorder? Liberal blogger Christopher Blair, who told PolitiFact he writes fake news to “mess with conservatives” gets the honest liberal media award for admitting it.

CNN made an international scandal out of President Trump feeding Koi in a pond at the Akasaka Place in Japan. President Trump did dump an entire box of food into the pond, but only after the host for the event dumped his box of fish food. Allegedly improperly feeding fish is only an international scandal in the minds of TDS afflicted.

On Feb. 17 the Associated Press reported that President Trump federalized 100,000 National Guard troops to round up illegals. The list goes on, but this is not a point/counter point column, it is designed to highlight some in the constitutionally protected media gone rogue.

I am sure some folks will cite President Trump’s fake news to justify the media’s fake news, they have that right. However, justifying bad behavior by citing others’ bad behavior is like the child telling their mother that John/Jane did it first. It is like the criminal blaming the victim. The “professionals” in the media trumpet their systems for getting a story right, not fast, and they were good at it until President Trump was elected over their objections.

The media is a lover scorned; the people in most of the states did not vote as instructed by the press and they are outraged. The king maker is no more, the absolute power of the media is being challenged by the “new media.”

Townbroadcast is an example of smaller, more responsive media. The growth of this publication shows that it is becoming more influential than “The Globe” as it targets a readership that is underserved by traditional paper media. If you want to know what is going on in Dorr, Wayland, Martin, Hopkins or Moline you read this august publication.

Smaller media that is more local and responsive is the future, and it outrages the traditional large corporate media class, a class of rich corporate types loved by most on the left.  


  • I find it odd how a career military man accepting a pension and all the other benfits that go with it is such a full throated supporter of a guy who has lied multiple times since in office, insulted former POW Senator McCain and can’t remember which foot was the source of the heel spurs that kept him out of the military but healed to play 100’s of rounds of golf in the last decade.

    Some of us who aren’t big fans of authoritarian government think we are on the precipice of losing multiple freedoms including freedom of the press.

    PS have you checked the zip code of your doctors to see if the live in “Liberal” zip codes? Perhaps you should check the media in their waiting rooms to make sure it meets your litmus test of what being a real American is in 2018.

    Since I started reading your opinions I’ve noticed you think any Americans who disagree with your narrow view of truth government are less than Americans. Besides your rant about zip codes you were complaining about “Ivy League elite” trying to impede President Trump while failing to mention a majority of his appointed cabinet have at least one Ivy League degree like the President (Transferred from Fordham to University of Pennsylvania) and two of his children and several have graduate degrees to go along with their Ivy League undergrad degrees.

    So based on your opinions should those be considered Fake News too?

  • Mr. Couchman,
    Thank you for the comment.
    I will not be expecting a Christmas card from you next year. The group of Ivy league insiders who run the government comment was made after years of direct observation living and working in Washington. The zip code comment was made after years living on the east and west coasts, in my opinion they are correct, yours may differ.
    Please be so kind as to refrain from degrading one’s service to our nation. A military member who served twenty years or more has a right to an opinion like everyone else. Military retirement is earned and was a contract we had with the American people.
    “So based on your opinions should those be considered Fake News too?” Sir, a comment is not news, it is an opinion.
    The point was TDS has infected the media and apparently others who comment in the Town Broadcast.
    Thank you kindly once again.

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