The Subterranean: Looking ahead to the Golden Globes

“And the winner is…”

Thirty years ago, when “The Last Emperor” won the award for Best Picture, was the last time anyone officially said those words at the annual Academy Awards ceremony. Since then, in the spirit of political correctness, graciousness and fair play, the phrase has been

“And the Oscar goes to…”

Now that we live in an era of, above all else, having to win, and win ruthlessly, without mercy, to lie, cheat and steal, no matter the cost, and in a divisive climate of kicking losers while they’re down, of finding fault with the victim, of relentlessly crowing about exceptionalism, maybe it’s time we brought back


But the recipients of the Oscars need not to forget, along with their thank yous, also to say


So, on that note, in anticipation of the upcoming Golden Globes this Sunday, January 7, and the Academy Awards (nominees will be announced on Tuesday, January 23) on Sunday, March 4, here is a list, in alphabetical order, of nominated and likely to be nominated films culled from a variety of sources including:

National Board of Review

Rotten Tomatoes

Metacritic – Best Movies of 2017

Not all films are currently available to watch, but, for those that are, or will be soon, I’ve included how and when you can watch them in case you want to try something different this year and have a more informed opinion when you cast your votes.

For a complete list of Golden Globe nominees, go to

“Baby Driver” available now on video and streaming

“The Big Sick” available now on video and streaming and for free for Amazon Prime subscribers
“Call Me by Your Name” currently in limited release in theaters

“Coco” currently in theaters

“The Disaster Artist” currently in theaters

“Downsizing” currently in theaters

“Dunkirk”  available now on video and streaming

“The Florida Project” currently in limited release in theaters

“Get Out” available now on video ad streaming and HBO

“The Greatest Showman” currently in theaters

“I, Tonya” currently in limited release in theaters

“Lady Bird” currently in theaters

“Logan” available now on video and streaming and HBO

“Phantom Thread” currently in limited release in theaters

“The Post” currently in theaters

“The Shape of Water” currently in theaters

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” currently in theaters

“Thor: Ragnarok” available in February 2018 on video and streaming

“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” available February 2018 on video and streaming

“Wonder Woman” available now on video and streaming

I’ll be back soon with reviews of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” and my favorite film of 2017, “The Shape of Water,” a look at the best live action and animated short films (my two favorite categories), and a look at the Independent Spirit Awards airing on IFC on March 3.

Remember, to quote Connor MacLeod, the Highlander, “There can be only one!”

All the rest are LOOOOSSERS!

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