Marina owner withdraws request from Orangeville

by Austin Marsman

Members of the Orangeville Township Board.

Lucas Spoor has withdrawn his request for approval from the Orangeville Township Board new development and expansion at his marine on Gun Lake.

Spoor asked the board to support a new master plan for his property, which included reduced boat slips and multi-use rental and condo spaces. 

However, prompted by the show of opposition from the Gun Lake Protective Association, Spoor waited near the back of the room at the Township Board meeting last week and was silent during public comment. The Orangeville board then unanimously adopted a resolution crafted by GLPA attorney Clifford Bloom, strongly recommending the Barry County Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Commissioners not allow the “Spoor Amendment.”

The amendment to Barry County’s zoning ordinance would expand the definition of a “mixed use” zoning area to allow for a marina. 

Christian Yonkers, reporter for the Hastings Banner reported that Spoor later in the meeting withdrew his request for support of further development of the Landing Marina on Gun Lake.

“The Landing on Gun Lake is rescinding its requests from Orangeville Township at this tim,” Spoor said. “Something else is happening and it’s no longer needed.”

Any proposals or requests to the township, including special meetings to discuss the marina, have been canceled, according to Spoor.

However, it appears Spoor’s requests were just a courtesy because Orangeville Township has ceded its planning and zoning to the county, Spoor does not need township approval for any development projects.

If Spoor doesn’t withdraw his text amendment, Barry County Planning and Zoning will conduct a public hearing at 8:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 22 at the Commission on Aging Building’s Community Room in Hastings. From there, Administrator Jim McManus will make a recommendation to the Barry County Board of Commissioners.

(Photo courtesy of Austin Marsman)


Christian Yonkers of J-ad Graphics (publisher of many Barry County Newspapers, including the Hastings Banner where his story was published) contributed information to this report. He has also reported on this meeting as published in the January 4th edition.

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