Basura: Trump can dish it out, but he can’t take it

“In my defense, I was left unsupervised.” — As seen on a tee shirt of fully formed man

Trump probably doesn’t see the irony, but I do. The man that has lied more, by far, than any president in history. He has had his feelings hurt, claiming that Michael Wolff said things that weren’t true.

Wolff may not be the most highly regarded journalist, but it was the Trump administration that granted him unprecedented access to the White House. Trump’s feelings are hurt; he says things in the book are not true. This is the man that has told over 1,951 verifiable lies in his first almost-a-year in office.

Of course, his whole persona is based on blatant lying. Before the election, Trump said: Enroll at Trump University, and I’ll teach you how to make yourself into a millionaire. Obama is a Muslim. Obama wasn’t born in the US. Ted Cruz’ father was involved in the Kennedy assassination. People in New Jersey were celebrating the horrific attack on the Twin Towers. And so on.

Since taking office, he’s said that three million illegal votes were cast in the 2016 Presidential Election, which was why Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. I’ll release my tax returns, he said. On day one of his presidency, he said I had more people at my inauguration that anyone has ever had. He said, I had the biggest Electoral College win ever.

I don’t know what to think of Wolff’s book. It doesn’t sound like the kind of thing I’d read. But that this serial liar, with the goofy hair and makeup, Donald Trump, is all hurt because someone said mean things about him is amusing. Much of what Wolff reported we’ve heard before.

Trump doesn’t read. Trump loves to be flattered, and craves attention. He doesn’t know much about governance, and has little to no interest in learning. He lacks emotional maturity, and “is like a child”. He seems to confirm this with his very childish habit of nicknaming people. We don’t call him Rump, do we? That would be juvenile. Trump demands loyalty, but does not extend it.

Trump is mentally unfit to serve as president. Trump is emotionally unfit to serve.

Trump is intellectually unfit to serve. Trump is morally unfit to serve. But there he is, embarrassing our country day after day. Taunting Kim Jong Un w

ith bragging about the size of his button, is beneath the dignity of the office. We expect more maturity from a high school student.

The stock market is way up. I don’t associate that with Trump, other than pairing. But we saw great performance during Bill Clinton’s eight years in office, abominable performance during George W. Bush’s eight years, and a recovery from W’s narrowly averted financial disaster to growth and stability during Obama’s eight years.

Whether Trump has had his hand on the country’s financial rudder or not, the gains are great, and I certainly am enjoying the fruits of the bounty. May it continue under Pence.

While it’s unfortunate when anyone has his feelings hurt, perhaps this will help Donald to understand that mean talk can be hurtful. Will it lead to newfound sensitivity?

Trump mocks Steve Bannon for crying and begging when he was fired, but he whines about Wolff’s book. He wants us to think of him as tough. He doesn’t seem to be tough at all. He called himself “a stable genius” in a tweet last weekend. I’m not convinced.

Wolff is picking on Trump.  COVFEFE! BIGLY!! SAD!!!


  • Mr Basura,

    The “fool, idiot, knuckle-dragging, bigot, racist, know-nothing” President Trump kicked Hillary’s – the smartest woman in the world, more qualified than both President Obama and President Clinton – behind in 2016 and he is the president you love to hate. I feel your pain.

    I had to endure 8 long, Long, Looong years of inexperienced, inept President Obama and his clown posse administration, with no executive experience, no business sense, no economic background (with the exception of counting his change). More debt, more stupid ideas, welfare and food stamp king, race baiter, bowing to every country leader, just expanding his “community organizer” Marxist background. And he did an excellent job or ridding the country of jobs, incentive, and giving money away to countries that hate us.
    He was a great teleprompter reader.

    Sounds like an excellent record for a Democrat.

    Trump won, Hillary lost. Please get over it or call your shrink for counseling, you need it.

    • Who, besides yourself, claimed that Hillary was the smartest woman in the world? I don’t recall any newsworthy Democrats making that statement.
      Next, I suppose, you will be telling us how “trillions and trillions” of people lost everything and could not afford to eat more often than twice a week during the ” 8 long, Loong, Loong” years of the Obama Presidency? Obama won twice. Please get over it or call your shrink for counseling, you need it. Sound Familiar?

    • Me. Free Matket Man,
      I usually don’t waste my time reading your responses, when I do, I find them quite entertaining.
      What becomes more apparent with each one:: The reason you are too chickenshit to sign your name.
      David Gless

      • Mr. Gless, thank you for commenting. I’m glad I can entertain you – that’s my objective in life, entertaining Mr. Gless. You may want to brush up on your typing skills, as they are somewhat lacking. Evidently everyone knows who you are and it is apparent where you come from in your thinking in attacking me. Commenting in such a way reflects on the attacker’s character.

        I prefer you didn’t use the “C” word as there are others that read Townbroadcast who may be offended by such language usage. But such is your choice, it’s a free country and we, as Americans, honor the 1st Amendment. You certainly aren’t a Snowflake, or maybe an old Curmudgeon?

        Good for you, keep up the great work. Everyone has an opinion – let it be heard!

        • FreeMarketMan: a snowflake is the kind of person that wouldn’t never use a bad word, but rather refer to with a euphemism, right? Like “the c-word” substituted for chickenshit, right? Are you similarly offended your boy Donald say the word shithole?

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