Wayland girls, Byron Center boys still bowl unbeaten

It was a tale of two very different bowling matches Monday at Airport Lanes, where

Wayland’s girls remained unbeaten in dual encounters with a 21-9 win against Byron Center, but the visiting boys’ team also remained undefeated with a 28-2 triumph over the local boys.

Bakers proved to be a slow start for the Lady Wildcats, as they gave Byron Center a lead of 6-4 as a result of scores of 163+148=311.

Individuals proved to be much better, as the Wildcats only gave up 3 points total. Scores from the individuals included:

• Sydney Urben with 182+182=364.

• Marissa Bruinsslot with 168+182=350.

• Mackenzie Banas with 143+201=344.

• Makayla Konecny with: 160+170=330.

• Amber Beggs with a 152+140 (which was a split game with senior Jessica Henderson)= 292.

The girls pulled off an 840 average between the two individuals, which was very respectable and enough to pull out the win.

“I’m so proud that these ladies can crank out a win against any team,” said senior Co-Captain Marissa Bruinsslot. “These ladies come equipped with great attitudes and their best every single day…

“Byron Center’s young team has developed better and better over the years and we knew we had to bring our all tonight. And that is what we did.”

The tables were turned on the boys’ side of the competition, however.

Coach Sherry Miklusicak said, “When you are bowling an unbeaten team, it’s never fun to be short two starting bowlers, especially your anchor, who was out due to the flu! The boys hung tough and made it a good match until the last game.”

She said the Baker games were dismal as Wayland only mustered games of 158 and 150, which included four single pin spare misses, but one shining spot were Christian Courser’s frames as he marked in all four.

The best part of the evening was individual game number one. Four of Wayland’s five bowlers performed well. Jordan Peters -194, Joe Laidler 190, Dylan Roberts 224, and Bryan Franck 162. They shot an 893 as a team to Byron Center’s 912 – a difference of only two spares!

Byron Center’s lead-off bowler, Davis Hynes, shot 256 (and he had 233 his second game).

The second game was all Bulldogs to seal their win. Four of their five bowlers rolled over 200.

“Thank goodness they have four seniors who will graduate this year!” Miklusicak observed.

Bowler of the game for Wayland was Dylan Roberts 224-191.

“It is only his second year bowling,” his coach said. “He puts in his time in the off season and that is what contributes to his success.

“Both teams are full of great boys. What I have really enjoyed this year is how well the teams respect each other and see both teams giving high fives to their opponents. Byron Center has a great coach, Walt Dyer (who has bowled with my father), and has great players and parents (just like our parents)!”

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