Ranger Rick: Will we be diving for dopers in Watson?

Our neighbors from Watson Township are debating whether to allow a marijuana growing enterprise to be erected in the township.

Since the decriminalization of smoking pot was voted on and passed in the state for medicinal purposes, these little doobie factories have been springing up across the state under the guise of “medical” in front of marijuana. There is evidence medical benefits are experienced by some patients, especially when treating cancer patients, do we really think this enterprise will be limited to medicinal purposes only? They are gearing up for the 2018 vote so they are positioned for the legalizing of marijuana for recreational use, if approved by voters.

The larger question is why they targeted Watson Township for this business? Dominated by farms and gravel roads, mostly agricultural by a large margin. Are the gentlemen proposing the business residents of Watson Township? Do they own property in the township?

Being a curious sort, I Googled both their names and Symponic Farms and didn’t have a hit on what I put in the subject lines, unless one of the pot growers is a graduate of Notre Dame or a doctor from Texas. I haven’t read all the hot news about this in Townbroadcast, so I’m out of the information loop in the origins of these two folks.

I’m sure they did their homework before approaching the township. Being the township that walks to the beat of a different drummer, Watson Township is dominated by Democrats in an overtly Republican County. I too was a Democrat at one time, but I grew out of the affliction. I’m now cured.

They saw the voting habits of the township and thought they saw a kindred spirit of sorts in liberal views and possibly sympathetic to marijuana growers. Since there may be some other unknown residents who also grow their own or cook and create other outlawed pharmaceuticals, their instincts may be correct.

Years ago, any time a mobile home or farmhouse blew up anywhere in the country, it was presumed the cause was a leaking gas line. Now it is presumed a meth lab got out of control. Barry County, I believe, is the state leader in blowing up dwellings cooking meth. But I’m sure Allegan County isn’t far behind. Some enterprising reader will check on that and sternly correct my presumptions. I tend not to waste my time on the obvious.

If the Watson Township Board feels this will benefit the citizens and these gentlemen will be an asset to the township, it is certainly their right to approve the project. But anyone disagreeing with the board and feels the business is too extreme for the township should civilly address the board with thoughtful objections. If you don’t express your views, you have no right to complain if the board approves the project.

I agree with the county health official; it is a gateway drug to more dangerous drugs. I know this is possible in my experience because I had a relation that smoked pot in high school, lost all interest in things he loved before, and became a shell of his former self.

Lazy, shiftless, he became a scammer (and he was very good at it) to support his drug habits (pot, pills, heroin, and toward the end meth). He died a young person.

If you want the beginning of more Hell in Allegan County, and do nothing about it, you will reap what you sow. And please, stop with the platitudes it’s not any worse than alcohol… see how that’s turned out for society. More drunk people screwed up in their relationships with loved ones, family, friends and turning the highways into carnage for what — another drink?

I think if you examine Colorado’s rise in impaired driving because of marijuana, you will be amazed. Look to the law enforcement statistics and open your eyes. Being high is the same as being drunk. That’s all we need on roads, drunks AND dopers.

The only people believing this is a good thing are those potheads already hooked on weed and wanting it legalized. The medicinal aspect is another way to legalize it. Of course, the liberal fake news is going to do all they can to minimize exposing the facts – they love supporting drug use, hippies, potheads and are smoking weed themselves.

Expect more kids growing up with a drug habit with all the lack of enforcement or turning heads the other way, encouraging more out of control drug use and resulting increase in deaths on the highway, family discord in homes with heavy users, and more law enforcement lock-ups for impaired driving.

Evil triumphs when good people do nothing.

The rotting of America from within continues!



  • Alt right propaganda much?

    “The only people believing this is a good thing are those potheads already hooked on
    weed and wanting it legalized.”

    This is perhaps the most factually inaccurate sentence you’ve ever posted. 9 in 10 Americans support doctor prescribed cannabis, 30 of 50 States allow it and 6 out of 10 Republicans approve.
    If you just look at recreational its still over 60% approval (with 51% of Reps in favor….)

    Keep popping those “legal” Vicodin pills, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, slamming that 12 pack of Miller light every night while feverishly refreshing and demonizing a plant that actually helps people with serious medical issues.

    The true “rotting” of America comes from suppressing State rights (you know, that pesky “will of the people” thing) and instead supporting authoritarian Federalism.

  • Ranger Rick
    If you stop and think the answer of why Watson Twp. should of hit you ….you said yourself not much there…no businesses of any large scale to help put money in the coffers.
    Addiction has many faces and there are many gateways into addiction … true addiction is hard to break ask any gambler, smoker, drinker.
    The question you should be asking is why if this drug is illegal to grow, sell, or use under federal law how can the States over ride federal law ?
    Seems to me both political parties must of let this happen…. so singling out one party ,,, makes a lot of what you say like I believe a term you would use is ” Liberal whining ” and of course, you have said you are cured and now have seen the light .
    This world has changed so greatly since my birth , I and others my age have seen so much that was beyond belief…..I doubt if future generations will experience all the advances we have seen.
    Will letting this business start in Watson be it’s downfall ??? doubt it… will it provide some income to the township ? yes … will some with medical problems benefit ? Yes…. will some become addicted because of it ? yes…..will some die because of it ? Yes
    So if your definition of good people tell this business to move on how many of the above questions will change… guess is only that Watson Township will not make any tax money. People will go elsewhere to get this product and all the bad things that could happen will still happen ,
    Whether we like it or not legalization of this drug will come…Nation wide….if this is a good thing or bad …much to early to say…..the future will bring the answer

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