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Arena’s Pizza in Martin explains card charging issue

by Austin Marsman

The owner of the five locations of the Arena’s Pizza chain took to Facebook Friday to explain an issue raised about credit cards at the Martin location.

It appears eatery’s card machine was not “batching out” since the Monday after Christmas.

The term “batching” refers to where a store processes all of its authorized credit card transactions. The owner said the machine is usually batched on Sunday night and cards are charged at that point. That didn’t happen as customers were finally charged this past week for an order they could have placed weeks ago.

Customers noticed the charge and immediately wondered if the pizza shop was running the cards without permission.

“I assure you as the owner that this is not happening at this location or any of my locations.” the owner said on Facebook .

Customers with questions or further concerns are encouraged to reach out via the Arena’s Pizza Facebook page.


    • It just shows how important this “on-line rag” has become. You won’t hear about this in the newspapers. It’s not considered news worthy. Thanks Dave!

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