Ranger Rick: Chicken Littles still insist the sky is falling

The recent death of John Coleman, creator of the Weather Channel and the Good Morning America weathercaster, is good news for those myopic, zombie, global warming/global climate change folks or whatever the new name for the weather change is now.

Mr. Coleman, who said he wasn’t a denier, but a skeptic (as am I), never believed in the manufactured hysteria of global warming/climate change. Who knows, the weather changes every day, so there must be a reason, so like Chicken Little, they scurry around and instead of saying “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” say it is pollution, CO2 emissions (gas emissions, cow farts, and any other form of emissions they want to lump in), warming seas, melting ice, rising seas, higher temperatures, lower temperatures, more rain, less rain, more snow, less snow, etc., etc. – you get the picture.

Anything and everything is blamed since the beginning of the Modern Age (approximately 1880 to present day).

I love nice weather – who doesn’t? When a storm is brewing out West and is approaching West Michigan, I don’t blame cow farts or any of that nonsense, I blame the changing weather that is controlled by solar energy, jet streams, wind, moisture in the air, and warm/cold fronts. It has been that way for centuries and continues today.

And being an insignificant person I am (as we all are), I believe the good Lord created this ball we live on called Earth and He created the weather to give us what we need to survive; my little mind cannot fathom how He created it, nor what He was thinking when He did. I just live according to His will. If you believe otherwise, that is your right to do so.

According to the big Kahuna of Environmental Change – Al Gore – he predicted rising seas, melting icecaps, high temperatures, and more storms. The years since he predicted all this mayhem have been relatively stable on average. The seas haven’t risen to any predicted height he cited, the icecaps have expanded and receded, just like usual, and the higher average temperatures have leveled and are stable and have been slightly cooling the last 17 years. Some scientists are actually talking about the possibility of a Mini-Ice Age in the future. Al is not happy, all his predictions are baloney.

If you’ve ever read about ancient history and beyond, supposedly before man’s appearance on earth, there has been more extreme weather than what we’ve ever experienced in our little speck of time on earth. Everything has been more extreme in the past; colder and higher temperatures, more and less carbon dioxide, more and less ice, higher and lower sea levels.

The earth is a living thing, just as your body changes over time. The scientists and climatologists have been at loggerheads about why and how the changes occur. The 97% “consensus” statement is bogus. There is no consensus in science, there is hard fact and proven or unproven theory.

Do I think man’s existence on earth and the last 150 years of fossil fuel use has affected the atmosphere? Of course I do, but not to the extreme some have stated. Have we made strides and improvements to lessen our impact on earth and the environment – yes, especially in the United States. The greatest republic on the face of the earth is the leader in cleaning up and reducing pollution and manufacturing is the “greenest” it has ever been.

I know people living in China who complain they cannot walk outside without goggles and a breathing mask, the air is so full of pollution. Some days it is less, some days more. But whenever the United States enters into an agreement, do you notice the third world countries and China, Russia, and India always have to conform to the restrictions much later than us and Europe?

We as a country have taken it upon ourselves to clean up the environment. Remember the Kalamazoo River with all the paper mills dumping into it – you could smell the river way before you viewed it. The people living along the river were “nose blind” – and it was a stinking mess – much like rotten eggs. Look at the river today – a success story of revitalizing the watershed and waterway.

Whenever politicians and scientists decide to collude, it usually does not bode well for the taxpayers. The two groups must remain neutral and give advice but not be joined at the hip in political shenanigans. And any time politicians cry “the sky is falling,” consider the source. If it’s Al Gore, turn off the TV or radio – you don’t need the fake news from a failed politician and hysterical prognosticator.

The rotting of America from within continues…


  • All science is open to debate in your book so we can count on you to eschew any medical treatment you may need for chronic medical conditions like hypertension or diabetes. You are aware scientists developed all that stuff. Who can trust them?

    That cancer stuff related to tobacco use and second hand smoke must be debatable too. If you, your spouse, child or grandchild has cancer should we expect you to refuse treatment. After all, any of the proposed treatments that may cure or contribute to lengthening life of cancer patients were developed by scientists and as you have clearly stated science is up for debate.

    As a self-proclaimed fiscal conservative should we count on you not to waste Federal funds sitting in a hospital that gets Fedral funding accepting treatment that was developed by scientists? Be examined with machines developed by engineers and scientists?

    Do you want to bark about science when its global climate change and do a 180 when it comes to medical science? That’s often the case with science deniers who espose the beliefs you stated.

    And so it goes

    • Mr. Couchman,


      Mr. Couchman, appearing to wish cancer and other illnesses on someone who disagrees with you is uncalled for; you should be able to disagree without being disagreeable. Bleeding was solid medical practice for centuries; tobacco was considered sovereign for preventing malaria and yellow fever, believed as a scientific fact for decades — the smoke kept the mosquitoes carrying the diseases away in the days before we knew how the disease was spread.

      Difference of opinion is a good thing, but diabetes and cancer are not things to wish on someone who has the audacity to disagree — shame on you.

  • The Kalamazoo River is much prettier to look at than years ago but the poisons are still buried in the sediment. Remediation is slowly proceeding after years of denial by the industries responsible for the pollution of the river. Unfortunately, the taxpayers are paying for the limited cleanup that has taken place so far, the responsible parties have walked away from the cost. Science is driving the cleanup. You can deny the science but thousands of pounds of PCBs still exist in the sediment of the Kalamazoo River. Hopefully, it will some day be a river we can all enjoy without fish consumption advisories. Get smarter before you say the river is clean.

  • What’s the matter Mr Traxler?
    Are broad generalities good for those who agree with you and not for others?
    I know cancer all too well. My mother died at 51 leaving my father to raise myself and two siblings. It was liver cancer after a “successful “ bout with breast cancer 3 years before. Paternal grandmother also died from liver cancer along with her brother who died of the same malady.

    Please don’t confuse calling someone out for an oversimplification of science then willing to do a 180 and believe cancer and hypertension science should be trusted.

    We all have the right to our opinions. Scientific facts are not opinions regardless of how much you want to believe industry hired guns.

    Robert Kehoe, an “expert” employed as The Eythl Lead Corp who argued for decades that leaded gasoline posed no public health risk.

    Big Tobacco hired its own “experts” that included doctors and PhD chemists to argue cigarettes didn’t cause lung cancer and emphysema. They even claimed smoking was good for you.

    Numerous fossil fuel companies including Exxon and multiple coal companies have done the same thing regarding climate science.

    Can’t play it both ways and don’t try to imply I wish any illness on anyone.

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