Wildcats victims of Byron Center’s record night on lanes

Wayland’s Lowell Invitational champions (front, from left) Hunter Osborn, Bryan Franck, Jordan Peters, )back row) Joe Laidler, Dylan Roberts, Alex Marble, Dillon Smith, and Christian Courser.

Byron Center boys Wednesday came up with a night to remember in their 29-1 rout of Wayland with plenty of record-setting performances.

The Bulldogs, rolling on their home lanes, put at least five scores on the state’s high score record book for this school year and three of those were scores that took over first place in the state.

“I sure wish I were talking about my boys, but we can’t take anything away from a team that has a serious shot at winning the state title this year!” commented Wildcat coach Sherry Miklusicak.

Record No. 1: Their two-game Baker match (474) which they take over ninth place in the state.

Record No. 2: is their individual team game (1183) which takes first place in the state.

Record No. 3 is their individual team two-game series (2313) which shatters the previous first place finish by 52 pins.

Record No. 4 was Joe Northouse’s 279 game — the first frame was a spare and then he struck the remaining 11 strikes.

Record No. 5 was Northouse’s 278 game, aming it 16 strikes in a row so he started this game with the first five frames strikes, then had a spare and struck the rest of the way. That’s not all.

With 21 out of 24 possible strikes that puts his two-game series of 554 at the top of state records beating the previous first by nine pins.

Record No. 7 was Robby Smith’s 279 game.

“If you throw in another 206, 246, 244, 211 and 237 you can see why we would have had quite the challenge this evening,” Miklusicak said.

Dylan Roberts took the lone Wayland point with games of 185 and 203. Other good game were rolled by Jordan Peters 189, Bryan Frank 195, and Joe Laider 183.

“Overall, we didn’t bowl poorly, but with at least seven state qualifying scores rolled against you, all you can do is watch in awe and try to do your best,” Wayland’s coach remarked. “Again, I am proud of my boys as they gave high-fives all night and congratulated the other team on their fine evening.”

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