Army Bob: High school teacher shows hatred, ignorance

by Robert M. Traxler

Gregory Salcido, the El Rancho High School teacher and elected Pico Rivera City Councilman and former mayor, stated the comments below to his high school government class. His beliefs were recorded without his permission by one of his students during his class. The student, the son of a Marine, was angered by his many insulting comments against the American military.

“Think about the people who you know who are over there. Your freaking stupid Uncle Louie or whatever. They’re dumbs‑‑‑s. They’re not like high-level thinkers, they’re not academic people, they’re not intellectual people. They’re the lowest of our low.”

Wow, “the lowest of our Low,” guess that means Townbroadcast columnists Mr. Basura, Ranger Rick, Subterranean Walt Tarrow and me, add in you or your relatives who are veterans and we are all dumbs—s.

As a young man going to school in Georgia in the 1960s, this kind of disdain was normal, only the target was not the military but African Americans. Prejudice is the act of judging folks by the group; pick the group, any group, and replace military with women, Hispanic, gays or poor. The difference is that Mr. Salcido is prejudging a group it is politicallly correct in his clique to openly hate.

Mr. Salcido has the right to be wrong, but a high school government teacher should be a bit less prejudiced; judging folks by the group is wrong, a lesson that he had the opportunity to teach but instead displayed his irrational prejudice.

One must ponder what this self-appointed intellectual knows about the American military. The vast majority of flag officers (generals and admirals) have a doctorate degree (PhD), most from Harvard or Yale, in international studies or a related field; most field grade officers O-4 and above have a master’s degree.

Our non-commissioned officers, the backbone of our military, have at least some college, many with two years or more. The military has an established program to allow serving members to attend college in their “off duty time,” assisting with tuition costs. The promotion system also encourages education.

The military’s education level is higher than the general population, but folks like Mr. Salcido just do not give a damn about the facts because 

they get in the way of a predetermined hatred.

Does he have the right to display a prejudice? Yes, he does, our Constitution gives him the right to be wrong. Prejudice is wrong; add in ignorance of the facts and a belief our nation is evil to the point of being criminal, and we find a powerful combination.

Folks like Mr. Salcido are hard wired to hold a set point of view; even if confronted with the facts and proven wrong, he will find a way to skirt the truth and rationalize his interpretation of any subject, believing his point of view is correct.

Many who agree with Mr. Salcido are rationalizing the bigoted statement by saying it was illegal for the student to record the class; not sure of the law in California. They may be correct, but in saying that we see prejudice at work; any truly dumb, ignorant, incorrect statement can be defended by attacking the person who is accusing the bigot.  

The existence of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) has made it politically correct to attack American institutions like the military. I fear our friends on the left side of the debate are just getting warmed up. Next bellbottom trousers, tie-dyed shirts and lysergic acid diethylamide will be making a comeback.

Perhaps, as a capitalist, I should find 1960/70s style clothes makers to purchase stock in?  


  • Mr. Traxler is correct that military people are underestimated as far as their intelligence and education are concerned. I don’t have statistics at the ready, but many of our young people who join the military do so, not only to serve their country, but to reap the educational benefits that service offers them during and after their hitches. Employers are favorably impressed with military service on a resume, because, overwhelmingly, it indicates a level of discipline and teamwork not so easily recognized by a simple high school or college transcript.
    The military is a cross-section of our American population, therefore, one will find people representing all aspects of our society, from liberals to conservatives, from dumb-asses to geniuses. Broad brushing any group is undesirable at best, including those who oppose the ideas of our current president. (By the way, tie-dyed fashion has been back for quite a while, as has LSD. Fortunately, bell-bottoms have not made a significant reappearance.)

    • Mrs. Mandaville,
      Missed the rebirth of tie-dyed fashion, and LSD becoming a drug of choice again. Sheltered life here in Dorr.
      Thank you kindly for the comment.

    • Mrs. Mandaville,
      Checked the use of LSD and you are correct, the drug has a following among our youth; not up to the level of use in the 60/70s, but still an alarming number of young folks. I was surprised to find the use of Saliva “Salvia divinorum is an herb in the mint family found in southern Mexico. The main active ingredient in salvia, salvinorin A, changes the chemistry in the brain, causing hallucinations (seeing something that seems real).” It has beaten out LSD as the hallucinogenic drug of choice. Also surprised to discover PCP use is coming back, a very dangerous drug when abused, it is better known as angle dust.

  • Wow! When I was younger, I had the utmost regard for teachers. I have since learned that teachers have their share of dumbs…s, as with any other profession. He sure is one! It reminds me of an Allegan teacher who convinced a student that the earth was flat. He knew he had the power to make her believe something that was totally wrong and he did it. Hopefully, he lost his job because he should have never become a teacher. Another case of “Book Smart – Common Sense Devoid”.

  • I agree with what I take as the main point: Judging a group by in individual member is faulty thinking. The teacher you cite should be looking for another job; he has no business influencing young minds.

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