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How cold was it? Record breaking or record tying on Feb. 20?

Tom Miller of Moline was at agHow cold on 2-20ain Thursday night and Friday morning, showing off the temperature at his house in the country. This indicator is showing somewhere around minus 15 or minus 16 degrees Farenheit. Some local residents, like Cathy Witkop Dutkiewicz of Dorr, showed as low as minus 19. WOOD-TV’s “Storm Team 8” reported a negative 13, which tied the record in Grand Rapids. The broadcasters also said February 2015 has been the coldest on record, leading climate change skeptics to make snarky comments about “global warming.” Turn on the TV almost every evening and there seems to be some kind of weather-related story or catastrophe around the nation and around the world.

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  • True, there are many weather related stories as of late with some seemingly unusually bad. However I do remember the big storms back in 1966/67 that buried Chicago. That same winter while living in Owatonna, Minnesota it was -32 one day, the coldest weather I have ever been in. Climate Change and big storms may or may not have a connection, I don’t know. What I do know is that times of unusual weather happen ever so often. Mom Nature likes to mess with us that way.

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