Dorr Township votes 5-2 to hire part-time maintenance worker

The Dorr Township Board had the old familiar 5-2 vote on hiring a new part-time maintenance worker.

Michael Edema was approved as the assistant to Jarrod Simon in taking care of the township’s maintenance and repair needs. He succeeds Jeremy Batch, who was discharged earlier this year. The position is at-will for up to 20 hours per week under Simon’s supervision. The pay is $15 per hour on an as-needed basis.

Simon said Edema has experience in related fields such as carpentry, fork lift operation, lawn care, landscaping and diesel mechanics.

Opposition to making the hire Monday night was expressed by Trustees John Tuinstra and Patty Senneker.

Tuinstra moved to have the hire postponed until board members had a chance to go over all the resumes of applicants for the job.

“It would be nice to meet this person,” Senneker added.

But the majority on the board held that Simon has been working overtime in the last month and could use the help.

Treasurer Jim Martin said, “We can use this second person. I don’t see waiting another month. I don’t see what we’ll gain by second guessing Jarrod.”

While Senneker and Tuinstra dissented, Martin, Supervisor Jeff Miling, Clerk Brian Boot and Trustees Josh Otto and Dan Weber voted to make the hire now. They held that since the position is part-time and at-will, the hiree could be dismissed easily if things don’t work out.


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