Trayvon Martin’s, Michael Brown’s actions causes of deaths

Ranger Rick Art_7_0_0I’m sure most of you reading this have been stopped by police in some manner, most of us in traffic violation situations.

The officer asks for the appropriate information and other questions he deems relevant to the conversation. Usually we comply without protest, or if we have a question about why we were stopped, it is answered in a simple and courteous way.

I have been stopped by the county and state police over the years and found all were efficient and professional. No matter what, I always address them in a straightforward manner, gave them the information requested and was either issued a warning or citation. Over the years, I can think of about 10 times I’ve been stopped, and in no situation did I ever feel intimidated or bullied by any officer involved.

The situations involving African-American teenagers Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were reported with racist implications, the media prematurely taking sides in the respective situations.

First, we were told Trayvon Martin was shot , then it was reported a “white Hispanic” had been in an altercation with Martin and he pulled a weapon and shot Mr. Martin. Then the final version came out Mr. Zimmerman, described as a “white” Hispanic,was patrolling the area as a neighborhood crime watch, as there was recent criminal activity within the apartment complex.

Mr. Martin was staying, if memory serves correctly, with his father and his father’s girlfriend in the complex. Mr. Martin was not recognized by Zimmerman as anyone he knew in the complex, thus his following of Mr. Martin. As he was breaking off the following of Martin, Zimmerman was attacked by a backtracking Martin and a fight ensued. According to forensic evidence, Zimmerman was being beaten by Martin, when during the activity, Zimmerman brandished his weapon and shot Martin. Martin died as a result.

The Ferguson, Mo., situation with Mr. Michael Brown was first reported as a cold-blooded murder by the officer involved, shooting Brown in the back with his surrendering hands up. Several versions were told by Brown’s friend and completely different versions by other eyewitnesses to the scene.

All forensic evidence pointed to the version the officer related and the other eyewitnesses reported. Mr. Brown came up to the cruiser the officer was in and tried to take his weapon and a struggle ensued.   A shot rang out and Brown started to flee, then turned and attacked the pursuing officer. The officer said he shouted “stop!” but Brown attacked with his head down and the officer, fearing for his safety from a larger individual and already almost taking his weapon previously, he fired and killed Brown.

The Grand Jury also viewed all the evidence and testimony and they came to the conclusion the officer was defending himself. It was later reported (much later, I might add), that Brown and friend stole from a local convenience store and roughed up the proprietor on tape. Of course, the tape was shown after the fervor was at its height. I’m sure Mr. Martin thought the officer was there to arrest him.

The officer reported and eyewitnesses corroborated he told them to move off the road, at the time there was no report of stealing by the subjects, he was instructing them to move off the road for their and other’s safety.

I am not bringing this up again to get everyone riled up, because there was enough poor reporting and animus to go around during the time both killings were on the news. What I am proposing is this, both young men would be alive if 1) Mr. Martin would not have attacked Mr. Zimmerman and 2) Mr. Brown would have followed the officer’s instructions of not walking down the middle of the road.

What you think of either young man is irrelevant, what their histories were with law enforcement or their prior records — if they would have acted respectful and not taken the situation into their own hands, both would be alive today. Both were killed because of their own actions.

The racial strife, racial divide, and riots in the street were all part of a false narrative conjured up by the media racing to be first to report the stories before any level-headed thinking and review was ever done. Wouldn’t it be better to wait until cooler heads prevailed and all information was gathered and examined before conclusions were formed?

It used to be the way things were done, but I guess the media doesn’t feel the need to get it right, just be first to report the story, whether true or not.

The race baiters and haters had a field day and got what they wanted; free media coverage and stirring consternation where none previously existed to the extent it finally erupted into. The people owning the businesses that were looted and burned lost, the community lost, and two young men were dead.

The eroding and rotting of America within continues…

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