Current Allegan County stray dogs: March 5

“Wayne” (left) was found yesWayne, WaylandLucy, Grand Junctionterday near the 131 highway and 138th in Wayland. There’s no way someone isn’t missing this sweet boy! Let’s help him find his way back home. His family has until 3/11 by 5pm to claim him. After that date, he will become available for adoption.

The other lost dog is “Lucy,” from the Grand Junction area.

All stray pets at the Allegan County Shelter have a short “stray hold,” waiting for their family to reclaim them. If you see your pet in this photo gallery it is important you call the shelter ASAP. Please leave a message with your name and number if you are calling before or after  business hours.

Please note that in order to reclaim a pet you must have some proof of ownership such as vet records, pictures, etc. There is also an impound fee as well as vetting fees and boarding. Call the shelter for details at (269) 686-5112.


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