Dorr principal pledges to give up TV for month of March

Dorr Elementary Principal KKevin Zaschak Reading Monthevin Zaschak is giving up TV to read for March Is Reading Month.
Zaschak has decided to turn off the TV and read for an entire month. To model his enthusiasm for reading and set a good example for students, he is planning to spend the month of March without TV, but instead reading, writing, talking and thinking with his two children at home.

His 10-year old-daughter and his 3-year-old daughter also have gotten on board. Zaschak says at times it is hard to give up TV, but he is finding that the things they are  doing instead are much more meaningful and relaxing.

A Wayland school district official commented, “The staff at Dorr is very proud of Mr. Zaschak! He is truly leading by example inspiring both staff and students to celebrate Reading Month (and learning).” (Photo courtesy Laurie Zywiczynski)

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