Leighton Twp. Board hires TAG as architect for new hall

The LeightoLeighton Twp. Halln Township Board Thursday evening decided to hire Dan Bode of the Architectural Group (TAG)of Grandville  to serve as architect for designing a new or renovated township hall and fire station.

The board sometime in the future plans to either build a new township hall or expand the current building on Kalamazoo Avenue just north of 144th. The facility is no longer adequate to handle the business of the Leighton Township Fire Department and the clerk, supervisor and treasurer of the Township Board.

Clerk Mary Lou Nieuwenhuis said she’s had some experience with Bode and TAG because her church, Wayland Christian Reformed, is using the firm for its expansion project.

“I think he will do as much with the numbers as we give him,” she told colleagues. “He wants to do what you want him to do.”

TAG also handled the for the Leighton Township Library building, which all board members said they were pleased with.

“TAG gave us numbers that were lower than the other firms that bid,” Supervisor Steve Deer said. “I think it’s because they have lower overhead.”

The township is considering moving the township hall to the same site as the library, which has plenty of room with 12 acres of township-owned land. Other options are expanding the current building or selling the Moline fire station and moving into that building.

Regardless of what is decided, the fire department will remain in its current facility adjacent to the township hall.

PHOTO; This is the current Leighton Township Hall and fire station.

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