Ranger Rick: You can’t hide your lying eyes, Hillary Clinton

Ranger Rick Art_7_0_0Forget your political associations and history, just use your judgment in observing and interpreting body language – it’s pretty simple. Just think of your child when he or she is lying to you.

Hillary Clinton, for all her political acumen, is a neophyte compared to her husband. He could look right at the camera, wag his finger, and almost get us to forget he’s telling us a whopper “I never had sexual relations with that woman…. Ms. Lewinsky” – remember that one!

Good thing Ms. Lewinsky kept the dress, we’d still have to take Bubba’s word for it. A more cynical observer might comment the blue dress kept her alive – the poor soul lost her anonymity and ability to live a normal life.

His wife has no such ability. The eyes always tell the truth. The averting eyes – avoiding direct eye contact with the camera is a telling trait. Obama has the same problem.  Yes, the eyes always tell the truth – she was lying BIG TIME. She can’t lie with a straight face like the former president.

Ms. Clinton looked like a trapped animal, she didn’t want to be there, and you could see her attitude on her face —seething with contempt at even having to stoop so low as to address the public over her e-mails on her private server. A person in the position of Secretary of State should have the sense and legal understanding to know the rules involving electronic communication. In fact, she even sent her staff an e-mail notice to make sure all communication was done on State Department servers. Why did she think she was exempt if nothing within the communication was incriminating?

If she were a Republican, the hue and cry would still be oppressive. Do media just take this as another day in the life of a Clinton? They have defended her and Bill so long that maybe it does seem second nature by now? Or are they in on the scheme? Regardless, it’s a yawn and a smile and all is well again – nothing to see here, move along.

I’ll make a prediction. Knowing some of the movers and shakers in the Democrat Party are not too happy with the Clintons, describing them as a lodestone to always drag around, weighing down the party, they are looking for new blood. Whether that is Elizabeth Warren or someone else, I don’t think they care, as long as it is not a Clinton (why do you think Obama made such inroads while running against “shoo-in” Ms. Clinton?) The Obamas will do everything in their power to thwart a Clinton presidency.

Ms. Clinton will not be on the Democrat ticket for President in 2016. Nor will Jeb Bush be on the Republican side for president.

Who will it be — who cares? It’s all downhill from here with as much debt the Obama and Bush terms have piled on the American people. From electing a black president, which you think would help improve race relations has actually fomented more division and commented with dim-witted remarks about race situations.

Remember, this was all predicted by many intellectuals on the right before he was elected that he would be the biggest divider and he has become so. Nothing is a surprise except to watch the public reaction — the man is the new Sun King! His pen and telephone issue more executive edicts. All to the detriment of the American people.

The rotting of America within continues…

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